Employee Training

Training is any organized activity that helps impart instructions and information to a recipient with an aim of helping him/her attain certain skills and desired level of knowledge (Barker, 2007). It is the most important part of the organization strategies. Training has numerous benefits to the organization’s development. It provides an organization with multi skill employees who ensure diversity when carrying out their functions. An employer’s commitment to their organization and job is increased by training. Training enhances better understanding of the job, which in turn reduces accidents in an organization. The overall cost of operations in an organization is reduced by the skills developed through training of employees. Training increases productivity and ensures total quality, which is the main ingredient for survival of an organization in the long-term.  It reduces staff turnover, increases communication, increases understanding of culture and grants an organization a reasonable competitive advantage.

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Employee development is an ongoing process that is continued well beyond training. One of the employees’ development methods is the role of management. Management happens to know the strengths and weaknesses of all employees. This enables then to design a development plan tailored for solving employees’ needs. They also evaluate employees’ progress and development in a specified period of time. The other method of employee development is setting developmental goals. Setting employee individual goals give them a reason to strive and work hard in order to realize progress as well as growth. Employees are also allowed to set their own goals to go along with those of the organization. The third method of employee development is creating core competencies as well as gaps. This allows employees to put their skills into practice and identify what kind of improvement they need in order to achieve their goals. The last method is evaluation and issuing of results. Evaluation helps the employee to gauge themselves and determine whether they are on the right track towards realization of their goals. If the results are not the same as expected, it definitely shows there is a need to work harder than before.

Once an employee is trained, he/she acquires skills and knowledge that enhance his/her competence and level of ability. The same employee is set to work in an organization and strive to reach the organization goals and he/she is assured of success. This means that once an employee is developed automatically results to organizational development. The employees’ individual goals are not only meant for self-improvement, but also for organizational development. Developed employees help reduce cost of production, improve quality of services, Reduce wastage and increase efficiency in production. All these factors lead to organizational development.

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