Decisions in Paradise

This growing need for Alex's Organization to establish its business presence in Kava, an island is expected to yield great benefits to the organization. The organization wills benefits from diversification of business, availability of resources at a lower cost, economies of scale and incentives from destination countries. In this regard, the business organization will be able to increase its sales as well as cost on the cost of productions thus achieving more profits.Despite the potential benefits of globalization, Cassis (1999) affirms that success of a business enterprise can be realized through strategic choices executed by the management in regard to investment, innovation, internal organization of the firm as well as the external relationship of the firm with other organizations. Using a correct decision making techniques, Alex's organization will be in a position to propose solutions and implement them well in Kava to ensure its ultimate success in Kava.Identification of solutions using the T-chart techniqueAccording to Kumar and Sharma (2000), business managers need to follow orderly and systematic steps so as to arrive at decision that are good. These steps are however varied and depend on the nature of the challenges facing the organization as well as the "structure of the organization" (121).Through the use, of T-chart technique, the management can create potential solutions to the challenges facing it in Kava though analysis of alternatives features or options where they are compared for their pros and con and a decision reached on the best option.

With the organization having few personnel in Kava, there is need for the organization recruit more individuals to its workforce so as to ensure that the organization become efficient in delivery of its services. Terrorism is a threat that endangers both businesses and the people of Kava.Kava security facilities should also be used to fight terrorism and its effects so as to encourage more business opportunities and investments in Kava. Security operations tasked with monitoring and putting to check any terrorist related matter in Kava should play this role effectively.With adverse weather conditions in Kava, both business premises and operations at risk from losses, closure and retrenchment of workers. Efforts should be put in place such as establishment of metrological unit to monitor and predict weather and its effects. Barriers also need to be constructed at the coastal areas to shield and protect the mainland from hurricanes and floods that are devastating.With availability of few personnel, expatriates from abroad should be employed to take the managerial offices in Kava while other less crucial posts to be occupied by locals in order for the organization to benefit from the experience of the expatriates.

Training should also be done and its success will overcome lack of understanding of roles and business environment.Using the t-chart technique, it will to needful for the organization seeks understanding on how to handle the diverse culture of Kava that will promote efficiency of its operations in Kava. Through education and sensitization, the employees Alex's organization will be better equipped and able to address the issue of diversificationAnalysis of the T-chart techniqueThis technique is used by drawing up graphical representations of two options that an organization can take by comparing either the pros or cons of each decision or by comparing the positive and negative aspect of a decision at hand. As a result, organization can opt to make a decision based on its positive benefits than negative effect or because of the overall benefits of the decision. To begin with, one needs to first outline the positive benefits of decision in a column on the left and having a right column filled with effects due to the absence of the decision. The result will be a table where the two columns will be compared to see which column best supports the organization in achieving its goals and interest.Joseph (2005) states that "decisions making is a process of selection from a set of alternatives course of action" and geared towards achieving a given objective in an organization. Therefore, this technique provides a comprehensive way of choosing between alternatives (118).Examination and impact of using T-chart technique The use of T-chart technique complements critical thinking as elements of critical thinking are used in arriving at a decision or choice by evaluating the best alternatives through examining the positive and negative effects of a decision. The technique is helpful in evaluating assumptions by use of evidence and thus informs an organization on the right choice in consideration to the likely outcomes and consequences of the choices, Alex organization can therefore justify the decision it takes by taking a definite point of view on a given matter. As the t-chart relies on critical thinking in coming up with like effects of a decision or point of view, the resulting choice adopted by the organization is more likely to be the best decision as critical thinking help in choosing option that are clear, precise and accurate. In return, Alex's organization will be able to tackle the challenges by implementing the decision that are rational and bound to work in Kava.Decision making process involves the choice of one or more choices on a particular issue. This process is critical in any organization as it determined the outcomes of the business operations and in the end affects the firm's growth and productivity. Despite the challenge of making decision, the use of an appropriate technique and critical thinking can prove useful in arising at solutions that are correct, accurate and justifiable. Such decision will work to promote the organizations interest by effectively combating various challenges faced by the firm.

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