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Characteristics of Value Based Manager

The characteristics of a value centered and knowledge centered manager include:

i. Trustworthiness

ii. Cool under pressure/not tempered

iii. Firm

iv. Fair

v. Follow through

vi. Allows delegation

vii. Experienced in all aspects of the job

viii. Good communication and listening skills

ix. Consistent

x. Follow through

Characteristics of a Value Based Manager

1.0  Value centered manager's trustworthiness will help boost the confidence of his juniors in him. Every word he says should be what he means and does. This would facilitate faster execution of orders.

2.0 A good manager should be even tempered\Cool under pressure. This value will help the manager make sound decisions. It is likely that when one is high tempered, they are likely to make misinformed decisions that would hurt the organization.

3.0 A good manager should be firm. This means that he must be able to firmly stand by his word even when things seem to be getting tougher and tougher in the work place (Hall, 2010).

4.0 A good manager should be fair. A good value based manager should be fair. He should not display any form of favoritism as this would discourage innovation by his juniors.

.5.0 Follow through. The manager should be straightforward and transparent to enable his juniors to be able to follow through whatever matters he deals with that affects them.


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Characteristics of a knowledge centered Manager

1.0 A good knowledge based manager is one that allows for delegation of duties. Delegation of duties points to confidence in his juniors, hence help in boosting their morale in the working place. This will in the long run help the manager to learn new ideas from his juniors.

2.0 The manager should possess experience in all aspects of the job. A knowledge based manager is supposed to be an example to his or her juniors. He therefore has to demonstrate by example that he knows what it takes to work in all departments or areas under his command. This will boost the belief and faith that his juniors in his leadership (Sutcliff & Donnellan, 2006).

3.0 Good communication /listening skills. This will ensure that his directives and policies are well interpreted and executed (Sutcliff & Donnellan, 2006).

4.0 A good knowledge centered manager should be Consistent. He should not be seen to be shifting goal posts in terms of making decisions and directives. This will boosts his standing among his juniors hence it will be easy for his directives and policies to be implemented to the later.



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