Goal Management

The issue of accomplishing and realizing our goals has for long been the subject of contention and the major enhancer of disillusionment amongst many people. Most of us seem to despair and in turn loose focus or commitment to our goals in case of failure. This is particularly brought forward by the fact that despite seemingly working very hard most people end up not getting the desired results. From my real life experience in management of my goals for the sole purpose of achievement and impacting the lives of those in my surrounding, I have come to practically introduce myself to many factors that really matter. My quest to attain a substantial business empire at my young age was met by countless challenges until I came across the ultimate solutions that lie in investing considerable amounts of time to think about what I really want, and having systematically set my several goals in life. This process of outlining your goals is certainly the perfect measure for an ideal destiny and also a watchtower for individual steps taken towards your dream. That means you can easily spot the best time to embark on your mission and also avoid any interruption that may target your plans (Walonick).

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Just like many achievers whom I have met before, studying their character in their specified fields of operation leaves a huge resemblance to my theories as well. Their system of execution of goals is evidently the fuel behind acquisition of important knowledge, organization skills, long term prospects and a shorter inspiration towards a realization of dreams. For countless times, I invested lots of energy towards this business empire but due to insufficient steps that constitute goal setting, I always failed. It was not until I laid strategies that disciplined me, that I started seeing the fruits of my labor. One sweet revelation about these systems is that I am able to gauge and feel the satisfaction of my goals, thanks to putting up a precise arrangement of steps. Owning a tour company is certainly an achievement that deserves praise considering the fact that many people my age would never dare to give it a try. This is partly because of the formalities involved in starting it and the fleet of cars involved which automatically translate to expensive. Those giving it a try without setting themselves crucial goals are bound to abandon the business after short periods of time. My achievement though, was realized through the highest elevation of confidence from witnessing my capacity and proficiency as designed by accomplishing the goals I had set.

Goals being the main objective of any investment are therefore defined and arranged in certain ways to lay your foundation towards success in the best manner. Speaking from experience, you first have to undergo a visualization process of the kind of thing you intend to achieve. Once you get the pictures in your mind, you then embark on identifying the largest of all the goals on your mind in terms of longevity (Bhushan 1827). This will then drive you to putting into place some arrangements constituting of small ventures that, apart from being constituents of the larger goal, will effectively drive you towards the ultimate destination. Successful execution of these constituent goals is bound to increase your motivation by shaping your focus towards the center of attraction. This means that, at this point in time they are effectively working as your plan for the big future.

My road towards achieving all that I currently cherish was obviously pre-determined by putting several factors into consideration. These factors included core aspects of self survival and also the impact on the community and my family as a whole. The first thing was to carefully assess my attitude and its participation in my affairs. You have to notice that in dealing with components in your attitude you remain clear on beneficial ones while curling the rest. In short, this means asking yourself about how your attitude affects the endeavors you undertake. The next factor to put into consideration is the level of knowledge needed to execute the type of venture that interests you. In this you have to consider the level of education you posses in order to effectively execute your business in relation to the level of demand in your business. Other factors include the reaction and usefulness of the desired field of interest to your family. Once you overcome these aspects, you are now left with the most crucial part that requires careful scrutiny (Bhushan 1830-34).. In my case the issue of desired financial gains kept me on my feet having had to consider the amount of money I could make operating under my set goals. This worked to my delight as the outcome was income. The other one was putting consideration on my career and how far I wanted to go in it. My verdict was that despite concentrating on improving my career with the highest dedication, having a side business after school was actually a worthy idea.

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The idea behind this is to invest some time in evaluating the various aspects that embody a certain goal and thereafter choosing the ones in the best position to help in your desired field of operation. The goals must also therefore define the authenticity of your choice. This means that you should follow the desire of your heart and avoid external influence from other people concerning your choice (Stevens and Kerfoot 12). Apart from other people who might include parents and employers, you have to consider carefully the proposition of your business partners if any, but be sure to stay on course to avoid erosion of your own opinions. Despite not having any partners in business I kept in mind the above aspects especially having learnt that keeping records and setting goals are not enough since one has to maintain a steady course that involves continually updating your system of goals. This sets the stage for bigger things as you alter the already achieved goals and focus more on potential gains.

Many people initiate certain projects with the intention of imposing changes to the way they operate but the main objections manifests itself in the inability to stick to their plans. My empire owes some of its credibility to the level of commitment I did invest. Brought about by the persistent urge to embrace change in the way I managed my responsibilities, it quite evident that having done the opposite of that would have driven me into oblivion. By taking steps such as listing down the objects of change, I made sure that the precision involved in planning and risk taking was perfect. This was followed by putting up a loyal foundation that comprised of people with identical ideas to further support your option of change. These people are obviously instrumental in the road towards success due to absence in conflicts of interest (Staley 24).

The other point of view, involves enlisting futuristic gains that you expect under the banner of change and the people likely to be impacted by them. If their relation to the cost likely to be incurred inclines towards a beneficial approach then sticking to the plan is the better option. One other point that is reminiscent of my striving towards success is the issue of being realistic with the kind of choices you put on your list. Apart from choosing time conscious and relevant layouts for success, it is also important that one involves a positive approach that originates from ones inner beliefs (Staley 30).

In conclusion the concept of modifying goals and dreams to reality requires a great deal of sacrifice, accuracy and flexibility. Setting goals, time and diaries, and costs are bound to be useful in evaluating your achievements and eventually appreciating your efforts. Looking back at my situation I am able to cheerfully reward myself and appreciate my efforts. These are the factors that instill some sense of motivation. This motivation is essential when laying out a new venture that follows previous stints of success. It is also instrumental in helping to curb unforeseen behavior that may induce irresponsible behavior.

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Having gone through these steps of achievement I therefore remain thankful to the process of goal adjustment to meet reality. My experience has taught me that when you scrutinize your priorities according to the magnitude of the goal intended, you are likely to avoid being engulfed by the availability of multiple goals. Having prioritized your goals according to their importance and longevity you are bound to concentrate on one at a time and at the end you achieve your aims with precision.

The next most important factor that embodies all others discussed herein is the issue of positivity. It remains the primary source of motivation and one is encouraged to address all goals from a positive perspective  inside the assumption of being able to achieve it at all cost. It also encompasses the idea of taking risks with a sole aim of success and having to overlook failure.

Finally my success as a tour operator is entirely dedicated to setting up of goals that have eventually materialized into visible dreams for my benefit and that of the whole society. My family status has also been uplifted greatly owing to this very system (David). Summing up in four theories we should therefore employ the best methods for every job, which includes the fit employees for the job. The others include supervising of workers to achieve required results and the use of ether punishment or rewards to instill motivation.

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