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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Saint Leo University is situated in the rolling hills of west central Florida and has been recognized as one among the best regional universities in the South. It is the first Catholic Universities in the state of Florida. St Leo University offers forty one academic programs to more than fifteen thousand students. More than 2000 students live and study on the main campus. (Saint Leo University 7)

According to the University website, it also offers graduate degrees in criminal justice, teaching education, theology and business administration. It has developed programs to include working class students by enrolling to weekend and evening classes. About 13,000 students are enrolled at the 18 education continuing centers in the seven states through the center for online learning.

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The university has core values to instill to the society and the students; they include excellence, respect, personal development, responsibility, and integrity and community hospitality. These values help the students to handle the challenging world they are in and, therefore, succeed academically and in life beyond the university too. The university has a mission to create a student-centered environment, where learning is the ultimate goal. Every member of Leo’s community has a role to ensure the mission is  achieved. According to the university website mission statement, the members are to convey their own values, listen, and respond with respect to other people’s views, serve the community, and others well.

The university core values are inter-connected with single role to promote education, peace and personal growth. Together the Saint Leo community serves to ensure that students work hard to excel in life, character, and moral and leadership skills. As a religious institution, the community maintains respect, love, and unity in order to live, learn and coexist in harmony. Individually, personal growth entails the mind, body and spirit. Each student and the faculty must commit to his or her self to promote and strengthen the community.

Community involves different individuals with diverse views, opinion, knowledge, and skills. It is thus paramount to learn how to relate with the community for mutual benefit. The individual has a specific task to uphold peace and dignity. The University of Saint Leo has recognized how vital the community is as a core values. The university community needs to maintain respect, dignity, freedom and friendship for a peaceful environment. According to the Universal Declaration of Human rights article one; all individuals are freely born with equal rights. The students have equal rights thus should indulge in activities that promote brotherhood and sisterhood as well as community unity. The students will have the ability to learn from each other, connect and share specific experiences unique to one another.

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Article 2(UHDR 4) states the each individual has a right to freedom without discrimination under any basis such as religion, birth, race, color, language, gender, national origin, or language. In addition, no discrimination shall be made on a political basis. Saint Leo university community thus has no limits it has the ability to serve the whole world, and students from all over the world can be enrolled without discrimination. The university thus serves all interested students without discrimination and a community with peace and harmony.

In article 3, 4, 5 and 6 (UHDR 7): it is evident that all individuals have a right to security, proper treatment and recognition as an individual. The community of Saint Leo University thus serves to treat everyone equally, provide security to all and recognize everyone. This gives a basic field for leadership and service. The students can all listen and learn from one another, change to the better, and serve each other.

According to article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, each individual has the right to choose and relate with anyone. In line with this, the university offers students a wide field of curriculum from which any individual has the right to choose what to learn. This promotes the urge to learn, and do what one loves. The students are thus able to study without trouble and blame.

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Arguably, the community of Saint Leo University has developed and adapted core values: respect, excellence, community, responsibility, personal development and integrity. The students have enhanced their learning skills, adopted new ways to relate with each other thus promoting trust, education and responsibility. Community has offered an environment where students can promote learning through sharing, practice, and active participation. Students can have time to reflect and learn outside the classroom.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has provided a field through which the Saint Leo’s community can adopt to ensure excellence in education, just, honest, and free students. It has provided a guideline for the community to achieve the university’s mission: “To practically and effectively model the life, moral values and talents.” The students are expected to express their values, respect, listen, respond, serve, and treat others well. Enrolment into Saint Leo University is fully international, and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights has promoted it to achieve its goal and mission through adapting them into the community core values.

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