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A juror is an individual serving on a jury. One has to meet certain qualifications for one to be considered to join the jury. The first requirement is one must to be a United States’ national, and has lived in the country for a period of one year before the summons to the service commission. The person is supposed to be 18years of age and above as well as fluent in English language. He should not have faced charges in a court of law and is both physically and mentally fit to carry out the duties to be bestowed upon the individual. There are certain groups of people exempted from serving on the jury. Any member, of the armed forces who has a contractual obligation does not stand a chance as a jury.

Lastly, members from the police department and fire brigade are exempted from the services of the jury. In circumstances whereby an individual has served in the jury or a federal court of law one is automatically disqualified as a jury. Oregon law states that every interested person who meets the requirements will not be deprived of the chance to serve on the jury. An individual will not be discriminated on the basis of religious ideologies, gender, age, profession, race and the country of origin. It is illegal for any individual to solicit for a place in the jury or offer bribe in exchange for a position in the commission.

The process by which a jury is selected in an individual case 

The first step is the court clerk chooses randomly from a larger pool consisting of other juries. The selection takes place when they are seated in a court of law. The clerk puts slips with the names of individuals in a box. The box is shaken forcefully to enhance complete overhaul of the contents in the box. The clerk calls out the names from and when the clerk has enough names they are sworn in. This marks the beginning of a crucial state termed ‘voir dire’. It means being honest and speaking the truth in French. The process involves choosing jurors after they are questioned. It begins with an explanation from the judge in the case that is on trial and the list of the attorney, together with both parties implicated in the hearing. The jurors take an oath to respond honestly to queries. The judge starts the session by asking common queries.

The judge mostly asks if anyone is familiar with the parties involved in the case or if the potential jury knows about the case. The attorneys of both parties are given an opportunity to question the selected juror one after another. The questions to be asked help the lawyers to have information on the background, values and ideologies of the chosen jurors. The questions might be personal, but they are appropriate and vital. The parties involved together with their attorneys have the right to know the people dealing with their case. 

English Legal System. Custom English Legal System Essay Writing Service || English Legal System Essay samples, help

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