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Problems of Ensuring a Representative Jury

A representative jury has been known to experience challenges when it comes to efficient delivery of service. In circumstances where a juror is physically or mentally challenged and performing of one’s duty is a problem, then it needs thorough consideration. In a situation where the jury has ties with any of the parties involved in the case in court, this happens to be a challenge in relation to the outcome of the case. Some juries act against their professional code of ethics when dealing with a case. This has always influenced the judgment of the case promoting justice to be applied. Emotions at times may be put into action especially in a situation whereby the juror has blood relations with the guilty party. It becomes challenging when the jury in question has served in past trials involving similar parties.

In order to promote justice, transparency should be the guiding factor in the whole process of selection. Biasness would lead to an unfair trial and discrimination of a party involved in a case. The judgment of a case should consider the evidence of the two parties involved. This enhances credibility in the case. This is the reason why it is necessary and important to put the right people in the efficient delivery of justice.



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