Targets of Crime

It is known that children often are victims of crimes. Therefore, recently, new researches were conducted. Survey results were disappointing - more and more children suffer from violence, human rights violations, violations of their normal development and other negative effects.

In order to prevent these crimes and decrease the numbers of victims among children, a full list of different violations should be created. There is a great number of ways how children’s rights could be broken: exploitation of children, failure to pay alimony for their maintenance, engaging minors in criminal activity, depravation of children, harlotry and many others. It may happen at school, at home and what becomes more widespread through various media. The main reasons, why crimes are committed exactly against children are their bad upbringing, waste of free time on destructive habits and lack of desire for self-improvement. Therefore, it is important to involve children into sports activities, as in this case, they will have less time for bad thoughts.

Children are the most vulnerable in society. They have just begun to form themselves, as personality; consequently, children require parental care. It is hard to overestimate the role of parents and teachers. Parental communication with kids helps isolate them from circumstances of crime committing, such as: not being alone in the dark night or alcohol abuse. The National Center for Children Exposed to Violence argues that parents should discuss these topics with their child and report potential abuse at home.

Definitely, good parental upbringing helps protect and inspire our kids for better things, as children are our future and we should care about them attentively.



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