Prevention of Juvenile Crimes


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The fast paced world that people are thrown into has created lesser time for families to interact with one another and has lowered the contact that the family as a unit should provide especially for growing children. A common trend in many households is that parents are spending majority of their time working and this leaves them with little time to bond with their children. They are not involved in their school work and are not aware of their social interactions and the type of friends they are associating with. A survey done by the national association for addiction and substance abuse revealed that families that set time to have meal about five times a week lowered the risks of their children being involved in such vices as drug and alcoholism. This is also the same of children who have little or no emotional contact with their family or guardians. Many will end up as bullies in schools and will likely have a criminal record by the time they are 24 years old. But even with the best parenting and supervision, it is not possible to adequately protect children from the risk of the unknown. Not each person they meet in their interactions has their best interest at heart. Many criminals want to exploit the naïve nature of children and it is through that children find themselves involved in criminal activities, drug and substance abuse.It is through these acts that they are exposed to juvenile delinquency and if not addressed or prevented on time then it will destroy their lives.

There have been a number of programs which have been designed to prevent the increased rate of juvenile delinquency especially in the United States. While most of the incidences occur when the children reach adolescence, exposure to hardship oflife while growing as young children and even while in their mothers’ wombs. By getting involved in the children early on gives a better chance for the prevention of the children involving themselves in delinquency. Prevention programs are the most effective since they require the involvement of the parents, the school administration and the entire community who are mandated with the safety of the children in their neighborhoods and reporting any suspicious activity they see the children engaged in. these programs are involved in the holistic growth of the child’s life and not just one aspect of it. They will be involved in their social, academic, and family life to ensure all are working for the betterment of their development. Once the risk factors are decreased then it becomes easier to locate and treat the problem giving the child better life choices and shaping them for a positive future.

Many of the early detection programs have had great impact on the children and families which have followed the guidelines offered. This include having a parental involvement educational system that sets commitment to education and gives the children advice needed to go through the various transition stages they go through both in their academic, social and their personal life. Children who are exposed to these programs have fewer chances of dropping out of school and being involved in delinquent behavior. When the parents and other experts are involved in the early prevention programs, which occur from birththrough to adolescence at the point which delinquency has not occurred, then the children are likely to dobetter inschool and are not likely to have anti-social behavior or develop aggressive behavior. It is through such programs that the rate of incarceration of teens and young adults is reduced. Programs that target the youth early on in life as opposed to when they have already involved themselves in criminal activity and other vices such as skipping school and bullying.

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Another program that is used targets the parents and guardians in charge of the children. While parents are the first figures of authority that children are exposed, when this is not established then they are likely to carry their lack of respect for authority onto to other interactions such as school teachers and other persons who are their elders.

Education programs are also useful in preventing youth from involving themselves in delinquent behavior. Schools need to revise their educational systems to include lessons on how to improve their social skills, control themselves in aggressive and conflict situations. School counselors need to demystify the glamor that is associated with gang affiliation and violence. They should be afforded the knowledge into alternative choices rather than involving them in criminal activities. Children need to have strong support system that they can rely on as they go through the various stages of life. When this is not being given at home then it is up to the society to provide the necessary support since these children hold the future of the community.


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Most of those affected by delinquency are from disadvantaged background and the society should recognize this and adopt measure to curb it. While more funding is used to keep the prison system alive, these funds should be directed instead to such preventive programs. It is these juvenile delinquents who end up behind bars as convicted criminals. Schools and community centers should provide a wide range of leisure activities that are both entertain and educational to the youths. When this happens the youthare able to keep themselves occupied by engaging in sort and other activities and this will give them little time to be involved in wrong behavior. Whenit is possible, a change in the location such as transferring the child to a new school will reduce their interaction with the unwanted company. This may prove to be hard with the advancements s in technology and so the parents and guardians will need to be on top of their behavior. The community can also redesign the physical outlook of the city; a research conducted in a town in the united states showed that the park provided the haven for most delinquents and when the city council revamped the park the rate of crime decreased in the areas ad while this is a long shot and may not be adopted in every city in America, the idea is to rid of the areas that are likely to attract the wrong crowd thus encouraging the youth to be involved.

Local authorities should be more involved in preventing crimes by the youth, and assist in rehabilitating them into the society and over all advocate foe responsibility from the youth, the parents and the community by extension.

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