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Should the Government Prohibit Drivers from Using Cell Phone and/or Text Messaging while Driving?. Custom Should the Government Prohibit Drivers from Using Cell Phone and/or Text Messaging while Driving? Essay Writing Service || Should the Government Prohibit Drivers from Using Cell Phone and/or Text Messaging while Driving? Essay samples, help

Should the Government Prohibit Drivers from Using Cell Phone and/or Text Messaging while Driving?

It is hard to deny the all-encompassing effect of modern communication tools on human behavior and our everyday lives. In fact, digitalization is one of the most remarkable trends of the latest times. However, the tendencies for broader usage of gadgets and devices have both positive and negative sides. Mobile phones is a vivid example of this trend; their  usage thereof spurs heavy public debate from time to time. In my opinion, the government should prohibit drivers from using mobile phones while driving on a legislative level.

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Not only common citizens are concerned about the danger of using mobile phones behind the wheel, but also numerous non-profit organizations as well as state authorities are. Countless reports and statistical data illustrate quite clearly that an increasing number of car accidents and tragedies on the road are caused by distraction of drivers. That distraction, in its turn, comes from making calls or writing text messages during driving. The peril of mobile devices lies in underestimation that most drivers display. One can often hear reckless phrases such as “It only takes me a few seconds to check the message” or “I’ve been driving a car since I was eighteen, nothing has ever happened to me if I picked up the phone once in a while”. Such arrogance can be fatal, especially if the driver is tired or distracted by other factors (such as a child in the car) and thus more prone to making mistakes on the road.

I am strongly convinced that introduction of strict measures such as overall ban for using mobile phones by drivers will give impressive results within the shortest period of time. The example of countries like Singapore and Belgium makes me think so. According to the official data, the number of car accidents decreased almost by 70% within the year when the corresponding law was in effect. This proves the efficiency of such measures. Perhaps the experience of introducing such new laws will require attention to local conditions and some tailored solutions. Imposing fines upon violators of the ban will provide the best possible adherence to the rules. However, any difficulties will be worth the final result – safer roads and fewer accidents.

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Actually, the problem of mobile phones misuse is merely an issue of self-discipline. If one thinks hard enough, one realizes that the need to take the call of check the message is merely an urge. In other words, it is a behavioral pattern like an acquired reflex that can be altered at anytime according to the desire of a human being. Also, it must be altered should it imperil the life and health of people. From my point of view, it requires governmental participation in order to bring some discipline into this sphere. Not everyone is able to impose limitation on oneself,even if this means strengthening one’s own safety or ensuring security for friends and family. Here is the moment where an authority needs to step in and have its say. Moreover, there are lots of possibilities to be available via phone without taking the device into one’s hand, for instance, wireless car-hone connection programs.

Opponents of such initiative might claim that such ban is a violation of personal freedom. However, I doubt that this is so. One’s personal freedom should end at the point where his/her actions are likely to endanger the life and well-being of others. Limitations and intrusions of such type must exist in a civilized society. After all, nobody rebels against the rules of usage of microwave ovens or boiler machines, why should it be different in case of mobile phones? In fact, absolute freedom to do anything can be dangerous and spur unstable people to make unreasonable decisions and imperil themselves and others.

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Dealing with any type of information in mass media, we have to use it as the support for our ideas, but not as the evidence, motivation, and key for our lives. That is why it is advisable to apply our knowledge and experience in order to be able to handle with our everyday problems.Taking into account the increased number of information sources, we can be both misinformed and confused by the volumes of information. If we want to keep the correct direction in life regarding every particular aspect, we should be aware of our decisions, values, and beliefs. This is why I believe that the government should prohibit drivers on a legislative level from using mobile phones while driving.

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