Mount Vernon Police Department

The name of the agency to which I was attached is Mount Vernon Police Department. The police department encompasses 46 commissioned police officers, 3 community service officers, one animal control officer, 9 records and clerical personnel and about 50 volunteers. Mount Vernon police department provides service to a population of about 31,020 people in a region of 11.3 square miles. Mount Vernon police department is state certified agency, firstly accredited in 1994, and afterwards in 1999, 2004 and 2011.

Mission statement of agency

The agency adopted a community based policing philosophy and practice since its inception in 1994. Its number of operational precedence is the impediment for crimes. The agency’s mission statement revolves around its commitment to help in building the safe and enjoyable neighborhoods for the citizens of Mount Vernon. The core values of the Mount Vernon police department are projected to guide its actions and express its obligation to its occupation both on and off duty.

The workers of Mount Vernon police department subscribe to values which include: mission, valor, professionalism and dedication. These values help them to serve the community without bias. The agency is composed of seven sections which include: the detective division, k-9 division, and traffic division. Other sections include human resource training team, field training program, administrative staff and chaplain. Mount Vernon police department supports the society through its participation in the drug abuse resistance education (D.A.R.E) program and neighborhood crime watch.

Describe the type of work you did? Who were the clients; how did you service them?

I handled different tasks during the internship period. Some of these tasks included premeditated data entry, data analysis, and creation of complaints reports. I also participated in the writing complex analysis complaints. Other tasks included entering and taking out subpoenas in the complaints room and helping the officer in whatever she needed. I also helped in filling in the internal affairs and in the court room. The internship program was really beneficial to both the police department and me as an intern. While working in the internal affairs bureau, I was responsible for ensuring that all assertions of misconduct involving sworn and civilian member of the department are wholly examined in a fair and unbiased manner.

Discuss a societal issue(s) that your agency addresses

The agency is in charge of examining and identifying crime within the city of Mount Vernon. The major societal issue the agency deals with is criminal activities within the city. Crimes are first reported to the patrol division and then forwarded to the detective division for investigative follow-up. This process repeatedly requires identification of suspects and their subsequent apprehension. Moreover, the detective division proactively initiates investigations into criminal activity that may otherwise remain unreported to the police. Criminal activities of this kind often culminate with the execution of a court ordered search warrant and the recuperation of smuggled goods, which may include unlawfully possessed firearms, narcotics, or stolen possessions.

In order to address criminal activities efficiently, the agency uses a collaborative model to scrutinize crimes effectively. This is achieved through the formation of affiliations with neighboring local law enforcement agencies. The agency uses community and youth orientated outreach schemes in an attempt to promote a constructive relationship with local citizens and to execute criminal investigations effectively.

Do you feel your agency adequately addresses this problem; could more be done?

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Yes, they do. This is because the agency serves the public interest by arresting criminals and works in partnership with the community to reduce crime. The relationship between Mount Vernon police department and the community is positive. The agency addresses crimes effectively by maintaining the rights of the citizens they protect. Mount Vernon police department workers are trained to follow a sequence of policies and procedures. They also work within the guidelines of local, state, and federal laws. The agency’s internal affairs unit staffs answer questions about actions of employees, commence complaints against employees and carry out investigations of police behavior. The agency should be adaptive in nature and persistently change its course as new problems are encountered by the community. The agency’s adaptive behavior will lead to the increased effectiveness comparative to the departments overall performance.

Discuss organizational issues you have observed in the workplace that have either hampered or contributed to the mission of the agency

The agency’s mode of operation is governed by the legal and ethical issues of confidentiality, informed consent, the duty to report and the duty to protect. The agency observes the codes of conducts which are based on professional values such as the right to self-determination in criminal justice. The agency’s efficiency provides citizens with avenues of conflict resolution to ensure that complaints of misconduct and inappropriate behavior are investigated thoroughly without bias.

The police agency is organized into a number of units such as patrol and criminal investigation. The administrator ensures that the units work with each other as opposed to operating independently. The agency works courteously to achieve its goals. Workers within the agency conduct their collective duties and responsibilities. They also maintain good relationships between individual officers and work groups within the agency. The agency has laid down patterns of interaction within the agency which ensure that there are no conflicts of interest among the officers and other personnel within the agency.

Discuss the importance of the internship experience

The internship at Mount Vernon police department was a good learning experience. I learned that working with the community always means working with a family. The internship program experience at Mount Vernon police department equipped me with knowledge of coming up with internal affairs service plans for clients and conducting periodic case reviews. It also equipped me with the knowledge of data entry, organizing complaints and filling procedures in the internal affairs section.

Describe what you learned during your internship experience and how it relates to the field of criminal justice.

In the criminal justice field, I learned how to carry out investigations of past data. I also observed that the availability of police results in a significant increase of calls related to criminal justice. This, in turn, increases the work force for the police. I learned that criminal justice has unique features, but many of the issues and concerns that confront police managers and administrators are similar to those faced by managers and administrators in other organizations. I learned that lack of cooperation among the police units remains a problem today in criminal justice as various police units compete for resources and recognition.

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In addition, my internship experience at Mount Vernon police department gave me knowledge of developing and evaluating criminal justice information. This helped me to understand the current trends required in monitoring crime. The internship experience will give an advantage in the future, especially, in working with complaints in police department agencies. I noted that within the criminal justice, the police department in charge should be organized with careful consideration in order to respond effectively to the public safety needs.

Identify an area of your internship that has contributed to your personal development?

The internal affairs unit played a major role in my personal development. The internal affairs unit equipped me with knowledge of how to answer questions about data entry and organize complaints associated with crimes within an agency. I discovered that police departments must recognize social forces and account them. The internship helped me to understand that some problems brought to police departments may be more appropriate and better addressed by other agencies, and, therefore, people must be responsible for making the initial assessment and proper referrals. 

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