Sexual Abuse Victims

The data gathered in this interview has some weight. Even though the victim was so fearful and of little composure at the beginning, she later adjusts and delivers information regarding her experience with her uncle. However, I would say that the interviewee took a lot of time before striking at the main point. It was so difficult to follow the interview proceedings at the beginning. I also did not like the drawing part of it. It did not make sense to me. I could hardly see anything on the board. I thought at some point that my TFT monitor had a technical problem. I had to fix it but woo! The output did not improve. I was only able to see the drawings at the end of the interview. I however like this bit of paintings.

Such sensitive interviews can create a tense environment. I therefore like the idea of using visual representation to help obtain information from the interviewee. I liked the bit of using many modes of communication. The dolls worked well to help get the depth of information required. This is because the victim could be so shy to deliver a physical body illustration.

In regard to information, the victim’s response greatly touched me. I was left wondering when I heard her say that the uncle molested her but she did not feel that it was wrong. I realized that many people could be molested by close family members for a long time without the act being discovered. I felt really bitter with the uncle. How could he keep molesting this innocent girl who actually fits in the bracket of her daughters! He should be prosecuted for doing this heinous act. I agree with the interviewer in her encouragement that all offences be reported to the real mothers. Thank you for such deep revelation.



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