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Adoption is a legal means, through which individuals or couples acquire a child with no parents and have a lifelong commitment to assist the child. I wish to encourage everyone to embrace and acknowledge adoption as a kind practice.  There are two main reasons why people adopt children: just for help, or because of the inability to reproduce. The following questions may appear in your mind. Imagine that you are married and have tried to get a child in vain; the doctor confirmed that it is impossible for you as a couple to have even one child, but you need a child to live a full life and enjoy it. What would you do if there is an option of adoption? The second situation: you are a single parent with one healthy child, but you are bedridden, thinking of when death will relieve you from suffering. What do you think your child’s life will be without a mother? The main aim of my speech is to persuade you that adoption is worth considering (Pertman 21).

Adoption is a humane act before God. When one adopts an orphan, it means loving one’s neighbor as one loves himself, and, moreover, bearing other people’s burdens can only be rewarded by God’s blessings. It is such an act of kindness and expression of love that brings joy to the whole family. The happiness increases even further if the family was unable to bear a child of their own, and now they have an ability to love and take care of the adopted child as of their native.

The adopted child is able to get the necessary needs that he or she would not have gotten. The social needs, including better education and healthcare, are assured as the parents are able to give their child the decent life, which might not be possible, if the child was not adopted. The society as a whole also benefits from people who adopt the children (Johnston 173).

Adoption reduces the number of street children and defiance in the society.  By helping such children, the adoptee also benefits because, after all, the child remains native and any assistance the family could have got from their own child is also provided by the adopted child. However, there are some issues that may offer challenge to adoption.

First of all, adoption is tabooed in some ethnic communities; people prefer to live with children, with whom they share blood or genes and therefore do not have confidence to stay with other children. Secondly, it is always psychologically difficult to handle a situation when the adopted child realizes that he or she was adopted. The child may also feel insecure by thinking that he or she may be abandoned. Thirdly, the whole process of adoption is long and may be so hectic. Sometimes, the irritating and prolonged legal process of adoption discourages people. Despite all these challenges that face adoption process, people still continue to adopt children because of the overwhelming benefits that outweigh the few challenges. The prolonged process is only meant to verify the eligibility and ability of the adoptee to take care and bring up the child (DeBlander & DeBlander 147-148).

In conclusion I would like to summarize that adoption is a display of kindness and generosity and is absolutely safe because of its legality. It benefits both the child and the adoptee. Adoption brings joy to the whole family as well as to the adopted child. The family benefits from the child’s presence and assistance in future, and the child, in turn, receives social and basic needs. Although some people feel discouraged because of the challenges, they may be offered during the process of adoption, the overall benefit that includes God’s blessings outweighs.

Adoption. Custom Adoption Essay Writing Service || Adoption Essay samples, help

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