Illegal Narcotics’ Distribution

Narcotics remain to be one of the most abused substances that exist on the planet earth. The use of these substances can be traced to a very ancient age. They were used positively to the benefit of human life and health. This is unlike today when their use has changed to a greater extent. In ancient China, opium was discovered and used for medicinal purposes. It was used to take for pain relief, cough and insomnia. Furthermore, different ailments were healed using opium. These included asthma, dysentery and severe diarrhea.

At present, many conventional drugs have been manufactured to aid in treatment of the various ailments that exist. These drugs have substituted the use of narcotics. Taking of opium has different effects on individuals, some of which may be harmful not only to the consumer, but also to the whole community. Some of the well-known narcotic drugs include the following: marijuana, heroin, cocaine. The black market for these drugs has been going on, despite the illegality imposed on the trade by different governments and authorities.

The narcotics cause the depression of the central nervous system. Due to this, the consumer is normally put into a state of euphoria by the drug causing addiction. As the drugs are continuing to be consumed, the body becomes tolerant to it, thus requiring more and more each time to bring the same effect to the consumer. This is how abuse comes in.

The illegal distribution of the narcotics has very negative effects. Some of them include: addiction, mental destabilization, crime and violence. These outcome ends up to adverse affect the general economy of a nation. To those involved in this trade, profitability is their main concern. They end up enriching themselves at the expense of people’s health. The fight against narcotics distribution has always been hampered by the widespread corruption within the authorities charged with fighting the vice. Most of the growers are developing nations, but the beneficiaries and consumers remain to be the developed nations like the United States (Caballero 1996).

Background and Literature Review

Different courtiers have come out with legislations on the various categories of narcotics. These have been done to cub the distribution of some of these drugs that may be harmful if commercially availed to the public. This has been necessary clearly in Canada, different regulations on various drugs depending on the addictive levels of different drugs. This is contained in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act of 1997. This act goes ahead to classify narcotics medications permitted by the law. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 of the United States of America also clearly states drugs that can be used for medicinal values, but are prone to abuse.

In Patterns of Drugs Distribution: Implications and Issues, Bruce D. Johnson, PhD does a research on the different patterns of the illicit sales of the narcotics. He investigates this trend for the previous 30 years. This research mostly deals with how heroin, cocaine and crack are distributed. Narcotics have very complex distribution channels with all the stakeholders well positioned to cover up the activities. The report majorly focuses on the retail level of the trade. It goes ahead to further relate the drug consumption to the crime rate in different nations of consumption. The findings of this report ends up connecting the high crime rate with the use of the narcotics (Johnston et al. 2002).

This report, however, does not tackle one of the most common narcotic drugs, marijuana. This drug is one of the most abused one all over the world. Having a report that covers all of the major abused drugs is an essential part of bringing awareness towards fighting the vice of distribution. The exclusion marijuana from this research does not make the report all inclusive. The need for a report that covers the extensively looks at the effects of the narcotics to the consumers and the overall effects on the economy of a country.

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Research Design

In this research, the design used will be non-experimental. I am planning to adopt this method due to the availability of the needed information from various previous research works. Different agencies have done different researches on the effects of the distribution of the narcotics. These effects are felt in our families, communities, and day to day lives continue to change due to the use of these drugs. Getting the available data from the relevant sources and the ground observation will be a very credible way of doing this research. I will largely borrow from the already existing research works that I will easily find. These previous research works touched on the distribution of the drugs, consumption, and the effects of these drugs. This will be an easier way of coming up with all inclusive reports that will address all the aspects of the effects of the narcotic’s distribution. This is true having in mind that most of these reports will be from credible sources like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Police, and the anti narcotic department.

Different drugs will be independently categorized alongside their effects on different entities. Some of the categories will include: marijuana, heroin and cocaine. Their effects will also be categorized into individual, family, and community levels depending on the changes observed.


The research will be conducted from the samples taken from different sources. For instance, the sampling will be done on the drug addicts who have been undergoing rehabilitation. The data from these sources will be very crucial to the success of this research. The prisons will also be a very important source of information. This will be aimed at finding out the connection of the crimes and the consumption of the narcotics. Most of the crimes are majorly committed by those who want to have money to maintain their drug intake. Police records on the homicides and murders will also be used in the process. The samples from all these sources will be critically analyzed to come up with a conclusion on the effects of the distribution and consumption of the narcotics. The effects will be categorized in levels spanning right from the individual, family, and the society at large. As it can be seen, it will major on the major effects on the day to day life.

Data Collection Techniques

The required data will be sourced from the already existing data that are available at different agencies. The FBI reports and crucial findings of their previous investigation on the subject will be of the essence. The data on the number of cases on different drug addicts by the police will also useful. The police are always addressing these cases and the records will play a bid role on the effects of drugs on the law. Moreover, the number of the deaths resulted from the drug trafficking and related crimes will also be used in this research. The direct interview method will be another way of getting information as there are those who have been affected by the drugs. Families that have been robed of very important members of the families had something to say on this research.

Moreover, the research will be focused on different groups of the individuals who used the drugs. This will be used to ascertain the intellectual capacity of the addicts compared to those who do not take the drugs. This aspect will be important in finding out the effect that the drugs bring to the individual consumers.

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Research Considerations

It is worth noting that this research will go along way into exposing the reality of the effects that drugs have and will cause to the individuals and the society. This black market trade is on the increase, despite the various measures put in place to cub the menace. More and more young adults are getting addicted to the narcotics. The increase of the addiction can be attributed to the increase in the drug circulation in the market. This underground market has been ever increasing in the intensity.

The effects are evident in the society we live in. Many lives are being lost as the addicts are youths turn into drug trafficking. The police are always in constant pursuit of these traffickers resulting into deadly gun fights. Many of those who consume the narcotics turn out to be unproductive to the society.

This research will therefore be able to bring out an all inclusive report that would help the authorities in the fight against drug trafficking. The research would touch on various categories of factors that do suffer silently due to the narcotics distribution. However, due to the sourcing of the data from various places, there would be no much authority and authenticity on their validity. The data from the interviews and the actual surveys would be more authentic than those sourced from other places. On the other hand, the best way of getting information over a long period of time is by getting such information. Moreover, it would be difficult to do research on the sensitive topic like drugs, especially if those being investigated are aware of it. 

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