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Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse or family violence is a major hindrance to peaceful co-existence between members of a family. Domestic violence is mainly common among people who are married. It takes different forms, such as assault, physical aggression, issuing threats or even neglect. Economic deprivation and stalking are also forms of domestic violence.

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At my tender age, I became a victim of this vice. My parents had disagreed over responsibilities that each should take because of my father was a drunkard. Due to persistent squabbles, my dad decided to abdicate his responsibility of paying fees for the three of us in protest! My mum who was not pleased at the turn of events became angry and decided to confront my dad. An argument ensued, degenerating into abusive words and physical fight. My mum suffered serious body harms hence sought legal suit. The action was against the wishes of our extended family members. They thought, a solution could only be found outside the court process. According to them, it was normal when husbands discipline their wives. This perhaps was due to the famous theory of JJ.Grandville’s Cent: ch^antie bien- meaning, he who loves well punishes well! 

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Through the support of civil society, sponsored and funded by the state to advocate against domestic violence. The verdict was finally delivered by the resident judge, leading to their separation and division of their material wealth. They were also ordered to jointly meet the cost of suit. During the long court process, dad and mum weren’t together. We felt ashamed when their stories were highlighted in the local news highlights. We also lacked their joint parental love. This was emotionally and mentally challenging. There was also diminished financial support because mum had to pay for routine medical check up and physical fitness.

The major causes of this vice are alcoholism, gender issues, mental illness and existing social environment. The remedies to this problem include education, legal redress, medical treatment and security planning. Nevertheless, domestic violence happens across board although some community service providers still view this vice as being higher in men territory than women. The ethics related to fighting this vice globally is through involvement of professionals, non-partisan approach and global education about the dangers of this vice.

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