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How Computer Crimes Changed Law Enforcement and the Judicial System

Computer crimes comprise of crimes committed with the aid of a computer, such as virus attack and phishing. Consequently, criminals use the computer and software as a processing tool. These crimes include unauthorized use of services, hacking, cyber vandalism, and denial of service through attacks. Additionally, social life of different people is interfered with these computer crimes. Computer crimes put to test the trust and integrity of information technology infrastructure, such as telecommunication the computer networks.

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Certain computer crimes, such as hacking and spread of viruses, may make a person lose valuable data and information stored in the computer. Additionally, it may interfere with the privacy of a person (Toren, 2003). These crimes happen due to availability of the internet and emerging technological patterns. Mostly, data and information is acquired by hackers through the internet. Strict measures are being implemented by various countries to curb computer crimes. Crimes related to the computer are said to be either significant or insignificant cyberspace invasion on properties owned by some person/s without his/their permission. 

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It is necessary to note that computer crimes have posed a significant challenge to the law enforcing and judicial system. It is extremely hard for the police to arrest computer crime perpetrators since they may sometimes hide their identity over the internet (Maras, 2011). On the other hand, obtaining the evidence may be a problem since a suspect may tamper with the machine and destroy the evidence. This is a challenge to the judicial system since they may conduct the cases not adequately. Additionally, some of the evidence obtained from the crime scene may not be admissible.

Computer crimes have changed the judicial system through effecting new laws to deal with the sector. Currently, the criminal laws in various countries cover crimes perpetrated electronically and computer related crimes. Such laws prohibit acts such as hacking since it is a form of trespassing. Computer offences are new since they appeared and spread due to the rise in digital technologies. Enhancing new laws is needed for protecting and adjustment of the digital environment. These laws, used in curbing computer crimes, may deal with cases arising in cyberspace and lead to solutions to deal with the situation. Good adjudication and justice systems are needed in enforcing the laws (Maras, 2011).

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To ensure that computer crimes are sufficiently dealt with, there is a need to implement a multipronged and multifaceted approach by using both non-legal and legally coercive measures. The worldwide legal framework is supposed to have a dual carriageway method to the computer crime problems. This could be through using specific treaties in all areas that are susceptible to such crimes. The treaties should be consistent by all countries in order to promote a set of laws covering every computer related crime.

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