Crimes and Innocence

Crimes are common all across the world. These include murder, robbery, sexual assault, and many others. The Criminal Justice System employs forensic science techniques to confirm whether the suspects are the true perpetrators or not. The federal legislation allows the federal inmates to ask for DNA testing, which will prove their wrongful convictions. This paper will discuss the significance and problems of convicting people because of evidence based on various forensic science techniques, as well as whether the federal legislation is worthwhile in allowing the federal inmates to ask for DNA testing.

The analysis of DNA results has helped the Criminal Justice System to identify perpetrators and exculpate the innocent suspects of the charges. However, it can also be helpful if the forensic science techniques are proper and reliable. Improper or unreliable forensic science techniques have a high likelihood of leading to wrongful conviction or exoneration of suspects. Other forensic disciplines, such as comparing objects and impression marks, do not involve scientific validation. Due to the lack of scientific research on hair analysis reliability and validity, the analysts do not know if the similarities of the hair are sufficient. The federal legislation is worthwhile in allowing the federal inmates to ask for DNA testing. This is because some inmates may experience wrongful convictions and prosecution. However, contamination of the evidence from the crime scenes may not yield meaningful information, which, in turn, may bar the accurate identification of the perpetrator. In the present day, the Criminal Justice System does not use DNA evidence properly because of contamination, misconduct of the forensic analysts, lack of reliability and validity of some forensic techniques, such as the use of impression marks and hair.

To conclude, forensic science techniques will help the Criminal Justice System to identify perpetrators accurately. This will be possible when the evidence is uncontaminated, and forensic science techniques can undergo validation, and forensic science analysts do not portray any misconduct. Therefore, the federal legislation should allow federal inmates to seek for DNA testing, which can prove their innocence if they are innocent.



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