The Containment Policy

The containment policy was a United States foreign policy or doctrine aimed at bringing communism to a stop and preventing the expansion of the Soviet Union through various strategies as military, economic and diplomatic. It was enacted in the year 1946 and conceived by a diplomat George Kennan immediately after the World War II. The World war resulted in critical changes to the government policies abroad. This was under the influence of three assertive diplomats George Marshall, Dean Acheson, and John Foster Dulles. The purpose for enactment of this policy was to combat the expansion of hostile ideologies of the communists to various states as China, parts of Europe, Laos, Korea and Vietnam. It was also aimed at tackling the “domino effect” in most countries of Eastern and Central Europe that were under the influence of communism and lastly promoting America’s sovereignty.

The containment policy was related to the endorsement of the “Truman Doctrine” and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) by President Harry Truman in 1947 and 1953 respectively which were both defense policies. He also worked closely with the three secretaries of state to control the expansion of the Soviet Union to regions where the government of U.S had vested interests. In line with this, the U.S government made use of Marshall Plan with an alliance with the intelligence unit to track down the communist moves so as to obtain sufficient internal information that was crucial in constituting the containment policies and containing the Soviets. The containment provided a framework plan for the implementation of initiative programs that successfully worked to contain the soviet expansion as from the year 1947 through to 1950.

In conclusion, these policies were implemented in most parts of Europe with an aim to elevate their economic status. According to Marshall, the policies were aimed at alienating poverty and improving the standards of living among poor countries of Europe through the establishment of a free market and creation of an efficacious social, political and economic environment for business.



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