Court Case

In July 2008, the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony, a two year old American, were discovered in a wooded place near her home. Caylee had been living with her maternal grandparents, George Anthony and Cindy Anthony, in Orlando, Florida. Caylee’s mother, Casey Marie Anthony, was 22 years by the time the body was discovered. She was put on trial for the death of her daughter, and on 24 May 2011 Casey faced charges of first-degree murder, but was later acquitted.

The Verdict

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Casey was found not guilty of first-degree execution, which motivated child abuse and manslaughter. She was proven guilty of giving false information to law enforcement officers. She cheated that in 2008, she worked at Universal Orlando and had left Caylee with Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, a babysitter. Casey lied that she had informed Juliette Lewis and Jeffrey Hopkins that Caylee was missing. She also lied that on 15 July 2008, she had a telephone conversation with Caylee.

My Opinion

I disagree with the verdict, because the evidence found on the case shows that Casey murdered her two-year-old girl. First of all, Casey never reported that her daughter was missing to anyone. She lied to the mother that she was very busy and could not take Caylee to see her grandparents. Secondly, Casey had deceived the public that Zenaida Gonzalez, a babysitter, had kidnapped her baby. Later, Miss Gonzalez was arrested. She said that she had never see Casey and Caylee. Casey had claimed that her daughter had passed on after drowning in the family pool. However, before the trial started, there was a sudden change of information, and the defense team said that the child had passed on in an accident. All this misinformation and sudden change of facts points to a mother who tried to hide the fact that she killed her baby. The defense team came up with information that Casey used to be sexually abused by her father, Anthony. Anthony labeled this information as “inappropriate” and “bizarre.” The aim of this information was to shut the parents from giving information on the case.

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Exactly four days after the death of Caylee, Casey participated in a “hot body” contest, partied with friends, and showed no signs of anxiety or distress. Perhaps this was a celebration of her murder achievement. In addition, a mother who has lost a child would not be in a nightclub partying and celebrating. This is untypical of a mother, and the behavior is quite questionable. Another hole in the verdict is that if Casey was not guilty, why did she lie to the public? She lied to divert attention and buy time as the body decomposed.

Although the defense team claimed that Casey’s father, Anthony helped her to dispose the body, there was no DNA evidence that suggested his involvement. When Casey was being fingerprinted, she smiled with“certain” happiness. Most people wondered why a life-giver would smile at the loss of a life of her baby. It could be true that she exactly knew what she had done in the past days.

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Another loophole in the evidence given is the presence of the duct tape on Caylee’s mouth. If Caylee died in an accident, who taped her mouth and were the law enforcers informed? A child involved in an accident would not be having a duct tape. This means that if there was an accident, and then the child already had a duct tape, was already dead before the accident and someone had put the tape over her mouth. If it were drowning in a swimming pool, a baby would not be swimming with a tape around her mouth. Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother also said that her daughter’s car smelled of a decomposing body. All this loopholes show that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter and should have been sentenced to death.

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