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The war between the Mexican government and the United States

The war between the Mexican government and the United States

The war between the Mexican government and the United States resulted as a result of annexation. This has been due to Mexican congress that never recognized the Texas’ independence. The UnitedState viewed the Texas as one of the rebellious territory that was to be retaken in future. Although the Texas were recognized by other countries like Britain and France its not known whether they were been fair to them or it was the other way round . Therefore this paper will have a flow of what was happening at this time and whether the Guadalupe Hidalgo were been fair to Mexico.

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It was in 1848 February when the representatives of the United States and the Mexico government signet the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of ending the war betwixt them which had began two years before. According to Christensen (1998), the war was as a result of treaty signing and later this document ceded to the United States almost half of Mexico’s national territory for a payment of about fifteen million dollars. 

Another thing that acted as a cause of the war is the discovery of gold in California which had jst happened a few weeks before the signing of the treaty led to a massive western migration as well as changing the future of the country. The Guadalupe Hidalgo treaty which was been signed was containing necessities showing potential to protect the civil rights of the Mexicans who were living in the conquered territories and they were more than one hundred thousand Mexicans. 

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Due to this fact, the lands and ways of life of the Mexicans was under attack by the new settlers, as this was caused by the treaty guarantees been largely ignored. The violation of treaty which was betwixt these territories, resulted to the conflict which was moreover focusing on the land issue Donald F (2001) .  Though the land issue was seen to be the major case, there were other issues like acquisition of the new territories which intensified the conflicts between the northern and the southern politicians over the additional room for slavery.

Other issues were about the negotiation of the early 1850, the violence which was surrounding the idea of popular sovereignty and the fugitive slave law ware the main instrument in bringing the Civil War resulting from the absorption of the new territories. Though the courses of war were surrounded by many issues, the main important issue was the sprit of expansionism called the manifest destiny. At this time, most of the Agro-Americans used to believe that this was the will of God for them, that they should move the West across the entire North American content occupy their lands (Mexicans) and Indians casting their inhabitants aside in the process. Del C. and Richard (1990)

During this war era, many of the Mexicans landholders lost their. This was brought about by the fact that only the Sayers “wealthy” could afford the prolonged court case process. As a result, this led to the continuing of the land conflict till the beginning of the twentieth century and of which there was let behind a unsympathetic legacy that could not be forgotten.

Though the signing of treaty was an agreement between the two patties, The United government on the other hand had vast lands open for the western expansion but the most difficult issue was the determining whether the land was to be open to slavery. It was the question from .a Congressman by the name David Wilmot. This man was urging that the Congress should prohibit the expansion of slavery into whatever the territory the united State might have concurred and acquire from the war.

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The Guadalupe Hidalgo was a treaty which was siding with the Mexico and therefore this means that it was been fair to them by proposing the extinction of slavery. Though the conflict was not intended, and it resulted from misunderstanding of the two nations, there resulted into a huge number of deaths late by the Mexico since their Amy was not as strong as those of the United States.

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