The Act of Congress

The act of Congress of passing the Reconstruction Act of 1867 was critical to the development of the south. This facilitated the ratification of the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments which enabled African-Americans to be recognized as free citizens. The African-Americans were able to vote regardless of their color, race, or conditions of their previous slave status. This gave the African-Americans an opportunity to choose their elected leaders and to participate in politics. The participation of African-Americans in public life where some managed to be elected in public offices was significant to the development of the south. They were subjected to equal legal rights and legislation like equitable taxation.

The incorporation of African-Americans in military service, where they served as soldiers in the civil war, was critical to the transformation of states from slavery to full citizenships when the war ended. The enforcement of laws and prosecution of white supremacists made it safer for African-Americans to exercise their freedom in public life without fear. Therefore, they were able to engage in politics, community activities and to protect themselves as free citizens. These gave the African-Americans confidence in their ability to contribute a managerial and participatory capacity to their country’s social and political development.

The abolishment of the segregation laws where interaction between the whites and African-Americans was prohibited gave the African-Americans the opportunity to interact, compete, and learn alongside the whites. The provision for equitable employment opportunities where all were employed on merit was critical. Hence, African-Americans were able to access jobs without discrimination on the basis of their race or color. Employment discrimination was significantly reduced more so in the armed forces and the civil service. These factors were critical to the emergence of democracy and development of the south and all of America.

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