Revelation by Flannery O'Connor

“Revelation” by Flannery O'Connor begins in a doctor's waiting room whereby Ruby Turpin is seating, waiting for her husband. Mrs. Turpin kills time classifying and putting people in categories, therefore, she found herself still categorizing and classifying the other people, who also were in the waiting room. She categorized them as either white trash, or the middle class like she, or put them into another category. She was from the South during the racial segregation, and therefore, it was extremely difficult to spot any black person where white people were, but Mrs. Turpin judged even whites.

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In the waiting room she identified a lady, who she assumed, belonged to the same class as her, and they started chatting. At first, they talked about their possessions, but soon they started talking about their dislike of civil rights demonstrations that took place all around. They both thought that all the black people should be sent back to Africa. As the two conversed, the daughter of the pleasant lady, Mary Grace, who was obese college girl suffering from severe acne, kept looking directly at Mrs. Turpin, but said nothing. But after some time, Mary Grace attacked Mrs. Turpin with a book; the book was a textbook in human development. After the girl was subdued she still called Mrs. Turpin names, and it is then that Mrs. Turpin realized that girl had a message for her.

Mrs. Turpin after this incident went home; she was deeply troubled by the girl's message. It is then she questioned the message, which she had received from Mary Grace, and what it meant. But she received a vision from God, which totally changed her way of doing things and how she saw others.

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