Anglo American Identity

The development of the American identity comes all the way from 1770. The identity developed came from various ends and experiences. The settlers on the frontier passed through significant developments and changes to achieve the Americans American identity. These factors are discussed by various writers in different writings. One of the major causes of the creation of identity is depicted by insecurity. The Johnson plight indicates clearly the source of identity that in the long run shaped current American identity.

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In Johnson’s plight, the captivity of the family made them to interlock with different cultures of the French and the British.  Lobbying for opportunity made the contact between the different cultures more specific. Critics of the fact that the captivity created the identity argue that the number captured is very small. Apart from Johnson’s, the number of Anglo American taken as prisoners of war is far less. The Indian attack mentioned did not capture many of the locals. They do not exceed 1500 people as the attack is feared.

The capture of Johnson family created a sweep of fear and thought of lack of security. The authority decided to add more soldiers on the southern frontier. The experience of Johnson’s under the arms of the enemy come as an asset to them. Although the agony is harsh in prison, the Johnson’s learnt different languages and cultural adaptability. The experience acted to distort the culture of the country of origin. In general, cultural influence on the people of America determined their identity in the following years. The experience of Johnson’s shows how the culture of Anglo Americans was brittle and porous to external aggression. This is confirmed by the changes that took effect after the captured Americans were released.    

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