The Progressive Era

The progressive era is an important era in the American history. It is important to note that the era preceded the rolling twenties. The series of events that happened then had an immense significance that is still felt nowadays. It was a period that saw the reshaping of the American society, politics, economy, and education. This paper offers my personal reflection over the events of the revolutionary era and what it meant to America.

The progressive era was characterized by some sense of personal liberty in the general public. This could have resulted from unfair and unjust system that had existed previously. The feeling was expressively experienced, and the owner of the Shrewd Magazine Samuel McClure noticed that it as a unique occurrence in the public mood (Divine et al. 534). The public can be argued to have adapted to a change that was happening in the entire system. This is seen from the fact that the industrialism was changing as in the case of the Innovation Model T and the Ford Motor Company that spearheaded the movement towards large-scale business. The transformation in business operations had significant impact on the formation of trusts that are in existence till the present day.

The farms also experienced a period of prosperity leading to advancements in the farm operations. Improvements in the farms and industries led to women and children empowerment through employment, which, to my mind, was significant for the consequent formation of labor unions and a rise in democracy. This period gave the formerly oppressed individuals a chance to table their views and to fight for their liberation (Divine et al. 546). The prosperity in the general economy had a significant impact on the emancipation of the oppressed people. It brought to the light important issues such as education and equality for all. The achievements of the various movements such as the Niagara and NAACP as well as that by the Women’s Trade Union League and other unions led to the emergence of democracy characteristics of the American society today.

In conclusion, the progressive era of 1850 to 1920 was an important era in the American history. Industrialization caused significant changes in the American society.



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