Racial Rioting in the 1960s

The journey towards civilization was at course with many European countries taking advantage of the less civilized continents. It was during this time that many Africans, Asians among others were taken as slaves in foreign countries; this led to a dramatic and significant recognition of the blacks in particular in those particular continents.

 In America for instance, it led to the emergent of the black Americans in the 18th century. They turned out to be the minority race, with the whites being the majority.  With time the population of the black people rose and these led to more segregation by the whites, that is, racial discrimination was in place. The blacks could not live in the same localities with the whites and if it happened so, the whites would relocate elsewhere. The African Americans could also not attend same schools; they could not be given the leadership positions in government and also were not recognized in public. On top of that they did odd jobs.

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However all this started changing course in the 1960’s when civil rights and Black power movements came into place, the whites slowly started recognizing the blacks in various capacities. These struggles made significant changes in United States and across the world at large, with former president George W. Bush touring Africa in his reign and publicly denouncing racial discrimination, Black American’s like Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, famous black athletes among others being recognized and above all election of president Barrack Obama as the US president.

PERSONAL LIFE-It beats behind logic that my current personal life is a product of history. What do I mean, it is quite evident that if no action was taken in relation to the racial discrimination, the world would be quite different and obviously our lives and environs would be equally different. Imagining myself in the vicinity of racism, my life would be influenced in the following ways:-

  1. I would be living in a tense environment in the sense that I would be discriminating my neighbor. Life would be at some point meaningless as I would be forced by circumstance to fail to appreciate an individual simply because he or she is different from me. In a bid to retaliate fights could erupt and even to an extent of loss of life.
  2. Failure to appreciate others culture- I would confine myself to my own culture and hence leaving no room for accommodation of better ideas from other cultures that would complement my culture. This would feel absurd.
  3. Socialization- I would be limited in the sense that I could not make friends outside my race and this would also hinder adventures. I would not be in a position to travel to regions that are outside my race. The idea of learning other languages would not be there because from who will you learn if you are all from the same race. This would hinder mind racial diversification and it would not be pleasant to me at all.
  4. Creativity and innovation- there is no way I could ever view of a global problem and then start thinking of how I can be of assistance since I cannot consider others as human because of their race difference.
  5. My personal life is also a product of my education; therefore I would never be at peace seeing a person of different color at my vicinity. With the notion of racism I would not be able to offer the best in terms of my education due to ill thoughts that would be of no importance.
  6. Due to bad influence by the society I would probably be a racist by nature too. This would be very disgusting and I would not like to even dream of it in a moment. I would be a worthless person in the society and I would equally be a bad example in the entire community.
  7. These are just some of the ways my personal life would be, but the worst of all would be giving rise of a new generation with the same spirit, the spirit of discrimination, the spirit of harassment, the spirit of dehumanizing and looking down upon others. The results would be negative to all inhabitants of the world.  I am therefore glad that various groups and organizations joined hands to the redemption of the world.


Those times would be characterized with various disparities among nations and various hindrances would be in place in relation to career life. Today students can take their studies abroad and they can equally pursue careers that are internationally recognized. Today peace is prevalence and due to this career life has been so smooth.

However, in those times I fear that nations would frequently rise against each other due to failure to relate harmoniously in various capacities. It would be difficult to have global organizations for example UNITED NATIONS (UN) and World Bank among others, these create opportunities for career students like myself and others). This would limit myself since I would be forced to focus on internal careers which would be limited reason being that failure of nations to come together would limit inventions.

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It could be possible that due to the prevailing challenges, there would be need for the selected few with a passion to bring races together to rise up and pursue a career in public relations whereby I would strive to bring races together in order to harmonize peace among people. It would be challenging and it would call for a sacrifice. It would entail being disowned by your own race in an attempt to unite them.

Basing my assumption in the past actions for example when the white in America vowed that if a black came near them they would quit and relocate, I would probably have to leave my college in an attempt not to study in the same college with a person of a different race. It would also happen that I would probably leave my career of choice simply because I saw a person of a different race pursuing the same career.

Not being ignorant, I would probably gain passion in military career as a result of the demands by nature. The fact that the environment would be of turbulence and conflict I would probably pursue that with future prospects of restoring peace and order in the society. GLOBAL EFFECT: Today the world is a product of nations, that is, integration of many nations which result into harmony and unity. If racism did not come to an end, the world would be different in the following ways:-

Education – today we see many students leaving their countries to study abroad with people who are not of their race. Previously students would learn internally or else risk discrimination or even being a slave in a foreign country. This would affect education negatively since we have seen some careers that are offered better in abroad countries due to the fact that nations are different and are gifted with different resources.

Family– due to racial discrimination, races would never interact and therefore there would be no inter racial marriages. For example today inter racial marriages are very common where we see a black and a white for example coming together in marriage. A perfect example was the marriage between the parents of the current president of the United States, Barrack Obama. The father was from Kenya. Failure to embrace this would only lead to greater disparities of various races.

Politically – nations would only be ruled by a person from the dominant race, for example in United States the whites would always rule. This is not the case today for we have seen election of a black man in power for example Barrack Obama. In addition to this politics would create a lot of tension as either race attempt to gain power, this would lower the economic stability of a nation.

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Tourism – this is a very sensitive sector which I fear would be affected more if racism was to continue. Nobody would leave his country to tour another due to security reasons. It would not be logical for me to discriminate a person and expect that upon my visit to his/her place receive warm welcome. This can never happen; therefore the idea of global village would be a dream and not a reality.

International relations – today nations have come together in aid of one another, they have formed various organizations, most countries have ambassadors in foreign countries and this has boosted peace and harmony. Technology has been able to be felt in all countries in the world, trading has been rampant among the countries. All this would not be possible if racism did not come to an end.

Global economic growth – today this has been possible because of peace among nations which has facilitated coherence. This has enabled nations to come together through representatives and stroke deals that have led to growth of vital sectors such as trade where a country is able to acquire what it does not possess, also sectors such as tourism among others.

CONCLUSION: It has entailed struggles, hard work and resources for us to get where we are today. Our forefathers spent sleepless nights so that we are where we are today. The greatest reward that we can ever present to them is continue with what they started to ensure that we make the world a better place to be.

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