In What Ways Did Women Define Freedom in the 1920s

In what ways did women define freedom in the 1920s?

The lives of women drastically changed in the 1920s. Women were finally able to define freedom by their effective participation in the First World War. Furthermore, women were able to define the political state in the 1920s through effective lobbying as well as national campaigns. The following analysis will evaluate ways in which women defined freedom in the 1920s.

Participation in the First World War

In a complete twist of events, women demonstrated that they could fit in the positions currently held by men in the war. For instance, women distinguished themselves by their ability to work in the industry and factories. The presence of pre-made clothes and pre-canned foods further encouraged women on the need to explore working options by getting out in search for jobs . They were no longer the home based individuals who were sued to awaiting everything from men.

The Type of Clothing

In the traditional setting, and before the war, women were not allowed to wear clothes that showed their ankles which were considered as immoral. However, this was changed by the arrival of modern clothing that allowed them to dress as they please. For instance, the flappers were greatly associated with young women in the 1920s. Flappers fashion gave women more freedom for they were able to bob their hair. The flapper fashion was further considered as a way of attracting men.

The Charleston

Women engage in Charleston dances which were a form of an escape from the terrible result of war. It was also an opportunity for women to eliminate the emotions that had build overtime by the type of restricted lifestyle that they had earlier lived in (Koritz 81). Women felt that they were able to express themselves in Charleston, having been freed from the restrictions that were characterized with tight corsets.

Drinking and Smoking

Freedom was also defined in the form of smoking and drinking. Prior to the war, it was unheard of to see women drinking and smoking in public. If they did, they were to face the wrath of the community. Drinking and smoking in public uplifted women position in the society for they felt freed from the cocoon of slavery. 



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