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Learning history is not hard but learning lesson from history is hard. Human history is comprised on numerous centuries, however, 21st century is the time when world is facing several intricacies in social as well as economical grounds. Hereinafter, twenty first century is a revival of great depression and feeble period of social detaches especially for old citizens. In fact, American policies have made it hard to balance the economic equation and retain the social system which eventually is the cause of panic situation.

What can you come away with that may be useful food for thought?

Both articles have largely discussed both of the alarming concerns of present age. The deceased economic situation and unsocial old aged citizens are creating mess in the American society. However, the European welfare system is a model for American society as America have loosed people’s investment, created unemployment and penetrated the recession situation in the markets. On the other hand, increasing trend of old homes and pathetic situation of old citizens have made it panicking. However, social networking sites have given resolution to the isolation.

The globalization and modernization are the influential factors which actually harmed the civilization. The conversion of need into greed and affiliation into networking has caused the feebleness and panic situation. Of course, the two articles are thought provoking and initiate food for thought.      

Have you become increasingly cautious about believing what you hear or see that is reported on the web?

Of course, the articles are reflection of societal happenings. The website is not an ordinary one it is a prestigious news paper site, therefore, the contents are reliable and according to the real situation of the society.  

How does the influence of the web differ from that of TV?

Both medium of media have their own influence. However, sometime it refers to the audience, some audience like the written story, on the other hand, other audience like the visual demonstration. However, I like written material it is complete and easily accessible to read anytime every time.



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