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Spring Concerts

Spring concerts provide college and university students a perfect opportunity to unwind, have fun, mingle and shake off stress from strenuous study activities. However, there are potential risks associated with every concert. The organizing committee must analyze all the risks the event is bound to attract and come up with ways of dealing with each one of them.

Security: Contingent measures should be put in place such as having a police team, medical and ambulances at standby just in case there is a need to quickly get into the crowd. Security personnel are supposed to have specially marked clothing. They should be provided with communication gadgets.

Venue design: Organizers should consider crowd dynamics by erecting a performance stage leaving enough leeway between the crowd and performance. The stadium should be inspected in advance.

Support staff: These should be hired preferably from security companies as they are well versed in crowd control and management. Regular staff with no prior training should be briefed beforehand about their roles.


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The following are the potential risks associated with the XSU Spring Concert scheduled to be held at Wahoo Stadium:-

  1. Concert violence
  2. Fire
  3. Excessive consumption of alcohol
  4. Use of hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin and cannabis
  5. Criminal activities

Risk Assessment Form

Risk Event Likelihood Impact Detection Difficulty When
Concert violence 5 5 5

Concert in progress

End of concert

Fire 3 4 3 Start-up
Excessive consumption of alcohol 5 5 5

Before start

During concert

Drug and substance abuse 4 3 3 During concert
Crime 5 5 4

During concert

After concert

Risk response matrix

Risk event Response Contingency plan Trigger Person responsible
Concert violence Reduce

Hire more security staff

Have the security team stand at vantage points

Pushing and shoving

Reckless throwing of objects at each other

Fire Prevent

Fire drills for support staff

Mark fire exit routes

Have smoke detectors

Hire medical teams

Fire alarm Y
Excessive consumption of alcohol Reduce Regulate bar opening and closing hours High depletion of beer stocks Z
Drug and substance abuse Prevent Increased vigilance from support staff Irrational crowd behavior A
Crime Prevent Request for police presence Unusual and suspect movements B




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