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Lord of the Flies

The theme that is considered as one of the most occurring theme in great literatures is the theme of human conflict with itself. This quote is one of the most significant components of literary forms as it evaluates how a character goes through various challenges both internally and externally. This statement can be applied practically in every day life going by the fact that we all have to face challenges and stumbling blocks in the course of our achieving our goals. This is the reason why I find the perception that the theme of al great literature is the human heart in conflict with itself.

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In the book Lord of the flies, the plot basically revolves around the life of the major characters in the book amidst an unspecified nuclear war. What happens in the story is that a British plane crashes onto an isolated island amidst a war evacuation. The survivors who are all boys have to find a way to survive their predicament. They split into groups that will oversee the provision of basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing. This story is filled with intensity up to the end in that the author is able to apply a non-responsive approach which makes it almost impossible for the audience to predict what will happen. In the end, a British naval ship rescues all the boys who survived the crash but criticizes the differences that exists between them saying that he would have expected better form British boys.

Ralph who is one of the main characters in the story is described as a strong character who becomes the leader of the group not by violence or coercing but through elections. Ralph is described by the author as having genuine leadership. One of the first major decisions that he has to carry out is to determine whether or not they really are in an isolated island. Ralph suggests that a fire be lit so that in an occurrence that a naval ship will pass by, the ship may be able to notice them. However towards the end of the story, Ralph is seen to somehow forget the initial objective of the fire. This is a clear indication that even the best minds may be corrupted in the midst of bad company. The theme of human heart in conflict with itself comes out in the sense that Ralph is a good and well mannered by at first but his obsession of being popular overcomes him a situation that sees him result to bullying piggy (pp. 67).

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Jack another character in the book is portrayed as a natural leader. In addition, Jack portrays the worst of human characteristic when unrepressed or untendered by society. Jack despite being portrayed as a natural leader has more primal desires in the children as compared to Ralph. Jack uses his role as the lead choirboy to justify his authority and despite the fact that his leadership is not violent or disruptive in any manner, Jack’s desire to haunt a pig seems to go significantly with each passing day. The theme of human heart in conflict with itself is brought out by the fact that the first time Jack attempt to kill a pig, he is not able to do it. The shame that comes along with this hesitation makes his blood lust to kill a pig to an extent where he abandons the fire and causes the boys a potential rescue.

The animal farm on the other hand is an allegorical novel that not only the corruption that exists in different characters inn the story but also the aspects of wickedness, indifference, ignorance and greed. The book addresses the issue that despite the presence of corruption in the society, the flaws that exist between the people and the leaders can affect the smooth transition of power in due course. Despite the characters I the story being animals, the animals are used by the author to depict human behavior and just how socially corrupt the society is. At most instances, the theme of human heart in conflict with itself is displayed going by the fact that top among the commandments of the farm is that all animals are equal. However, some of the animals attempt to exploit their individual interest before the common good of the farm. One such character is Napoleon who abuses his power and makes life very hard for the animals despite the fact that the laid out rules that had been adopted by the animals him included dictate that all animals are equal in the farm.

The theme of human heart in conflict with itself also comes out in when the pigs in the farm appear to be the dominate parties learning to carry whips and wear clothes. According to Orwell, the once strong seven commandments that once guided the operations of the farm are reduced to a single phrase that states that "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” (pp, 195). The conflict in the pigs is that they re not sure who is the better ally between humans and the animals. However, the pigs result to having humans as their allies and ends up imposing tough measures on the animals as well as changing the name of the farm to The Manor Farm.

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Human heart in conflict with itself is a complex issue not only in most great literatures but in real life situation as well. Sometimes, people are faced with a difficult decision of having to choose between what is right or wrong and in most cases, people end up making the wrong choices. However, a correct analysis of the above text implies that there are always to sides to an individual; the side that we know and the side that we don’t know. This is the main reason why in most cases, we perceive a sudden change in the behavior of an individual and realize that we never anticipated that change.

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