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First of all, let me start by thanking you for the tremendous effort you have put to nurture my writing skills. I have made significant advances in my writing skills as well as my method of relying information. In the course of my writing, I have met significant challenges top among them being the lack of resources in writing. This has been one of the major stumbling blocks that have hindered my smooth transition from a normal writer to a professional writer. However, I have overcome some of the challenges and capitalized on my strengths to give the best in form of writing. As we know, writing is another form of communication. I have therefore put myself to task to try and write in such a manner that my message is relayed in a smooth transitory manner that is both grammatically correct and easy to understand.

Some of the comments that I have received with respect to my writing are that my writing is too vague. This implies that most of the time, the topic of discussion ends up becoming to ambiguous hence cannot be easily incorporated in the limited number of pages I have at my disposal. Also I have been told that I am an excellent writer going by the fact that I am able to foresee the transition of ideas in a smooth manner such that the reader is able to comprehend the main ideas behind my writing. It is therefore up to me to try and incorporate another type of writing where I will combine both complexity and simplicity. Simplicity of my writing is in the sense that my writing must be easily understandable and complexity in terms of the delivery and structure of my writing.

One of the main problems that I encountered in the course of the course is the time factor. In most cases, the time at my disposal that am allowed to complete my assignments and projects is not enough. However, time will forever be a scarce resource and since we cannot change time, the only solution to the time problem is by developing effective time management techniques. I have already started revising my schedule as well as the way I do things. The aim of this is that I become a good time manager and allocate my assignments and projects maximum concentration with the absence of time constraint.

Personally, I feel that the work that we have covered in this will go a long way in nurturing my writing capabilities. This is because, a great writer is one who constantly evaluates his writing techniques and make the necessary amendments where required. English writing seems to have made significant development in terms of both structure and content. This is why I am trying to set my goals in line with the future development of the language. In the expectation that I will become a grate writer, I have already started laying the foundations that will help me become the great writer that I aim at becoming. I also want to introduce new writing techniques with respect to writing a situation that will see me apply most of the skills I have learnt in this course.

One thing that really surprises me is how we have managed to cover so much in such a short period of time. Some of the factors that might have contributed to this are among other factor such as proper time management, dedication and the general attitude towards the course. In my opinion, much of what we have learnt in this course will help nurture our writing skills as well as expose us to the dynamic field that is the writing field.

The Tremendous Effort. Custom The Tremendous Effort Essay Writing Service || The Tremendous Effort Essay samples, help

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