Native American Origins

In the wake of European invasion, there were large numbers of indigenous Native Americans inhabiting territories of the Indian North America. The most popular groups of the Native Americans in existence at the time of European invasion include Cherokee, Creek, Algonquian, and Iroquois. Cherokee is the largest Native American tribe in the Northern America that occupied the present day East Tennessee, Carolina and the expansive Georgia as early as 1200 AD. On the other hand, the Algonquians were concentrated in the territories around the present day New York, New Jersey, Kentucky and New Brunswick during the time of European settlement in the Northern America.

The Iroquois or the “Haudenosaunee”, nonetheless, comprised of a number of sub-tribes of the indigenous people of the Northern America such as Cayuga, Mohawk, Onondaga, Seneca nations and Oneida that altogether formed Iroquois League. Located around the Great Lakes and along St. Lawrence River, the united Iroquians co-existed with the European settlers during the entire period of the American colonialism courtesy of Iroquoian Confederacy. Finally, the Creek or the Muscogee is yet another instrumental group of the Native Americans that was living in the North American at the time of European invasion. Hitherto, the indigenous group predominantly occupies Oklahoma in the United States of America.

Although the populations of the Native Americans were rising steadily in their respective territories before American colonization, the European invasion led to a serious drop in their numbers as they succumbed to newly introduced diseases by the European settlers such as yellow fever, tuberculosis and whooping cough.

In conclusion, the indigenous Native Americans were the original inhabitants of the Northern American long before and after the coming of the Europeans. According to the historical records, the Native Americans migrated from Siberia into Alaska through the land-bridge during the age of ice.



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