The Importance of Higher Education

If I had encountered the question, ‘Why is higher education important to you?’ when I was in high school, perhaps I would have said that higher education is important to the extent that it gives one the opportunity to generate income immediately after graduation. But now that I am a college junior, I can approach this question from many different perspectives. For instance, since joining college, it has become apparent that higher education is one of the possible gateways to better options and more opportunities in life. Along this perspective, I have realized that I stand to gain from my college career considering that the United States economy has changed from a manufacturing-based economy back in the mid-1900s to the current economy, which requires a workforce with higher education and other practical skills.

Moreover, higher education is important to me because it provides more opportunities through which I can be able to grow and develop academically. Besides, higher education will provide me with an additional competitive advantage in the job market compared to other people who do not have a college degree. Here, it is important to note that through higher education, students are given the opportunity to read more books in addition to interacting with experienced lecturers and professionals in different fields. As a result, individuals who have obtained higher education are encouraged to think and explore a variety of available options before making any decision regarding their career trajectories.

Most importantly, higher education provides students with the opportunity to make more connections among themselves and other people who are already in the job market. This connection base is helpful particularly after graduation because the more connections one has, the easier it becomes to enter the job market. Furthermore, after entering the job market, people will realize that a college career is important because it is the gateway through which people can realize greater job promotions and opportunities. Overall, I look forward to advancing my current career in Business Administration with finance and marketing options as I prepare myself for the job market and other opportunities such as pursing a graduate degree.



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