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Prison Education

Prison Education

Prison education is also referred to as inmate education, and it entails the entire sequence of educational activities that take place inside a prison. This education is always in the form of vocational training or academic education prisoners are helped to undergo the education system that they could have missed at some point. Governments finance prison education through private organizations and official correctional department budgets. Several views relating to prison education exist all over the globe. For instance, some individuals assert that prison education is significant because it changes the minds of peoples and corrects them effectively, others hold the view that prison education is a waste of public funds while others are of the opinion that prison education could, in fact; increase the level of offences committed in society.

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This essay summarizes three key views relating to prison education.

Most individuals believe that prison education is mind changing and could influence most of the prisoners positively hence eliminating the mischief in them. People assert that prison education, just like any other form of education mould prisoners into responsible human beings. Their minds are transformed gradually as they pursue education while in prison. With prison education, prisoners get to understand the offences that they committed and take correctively measures effectively (Wilson and Reuss 115). Education makes most of the prisoners sensible in their thinking, and they are able to make wise decisions as they continue serving their term in prison. These individuals are of the opinion that prison education transforms the minds of prisoners largely and ensures that they are new people once they are released. This is because they are able to find significant opportunities to improve their lives with the educational experience they gain.

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Furthermore, other individuals are of the opinion that prison education is a waste of taxpayer’s money. These individuals view prison education as a waste of public resources that could have been used for other significant purposes. They assert that prisoners are individuals who have messed up the community are supposed to serve their jail terms without being given privileges that could waste the resources of the public. Governments should not emphasize prison education because it causes unnecessary shortages of resources that could be useful in other areas. In fact, some of the prisoners may not be interested in education and could take it for granted hence wasting the huge amounts of taxpayer’s money that is used to finance the education (Carlson and Garrett 155).

The other position held by individuals is that prison education equips some of the prisoners with skills to become worse individuals once their jail terms end. These individuals assert that prison education sharpens the skills that could be employed by the jailed offenders once they are released from prison. Most of them would become worse offenders once they are released from prison. This is because of the newer skills and experiences that they get from the prison education that they are offered. This position stipulates that most of the prisoners who undergo prison education would not be helpful to the community but they would play a significantly negative role in the community.

The key factor that motivates interest in prison education is the urge to improve and change the minds of offenders towards life. Governments and other institutions are motivated to offer prison education with the objective of ensuring that prisoners put their lives to qualitative uses ones they are released. This is because they would be able to seek opportunities in society. The issue is significant because it helps individuals understand the power of education in life. People are able to understand that education equips one with knowledge, which is power for future development and enhancement. The government is the key body interested in the issue because of its commitment to ensuring that there is a better nation in which most individuals engage in activities that benefit the state. The key constraints facing the issue are inadequate funds and the shortage of teachers willing to teach in prisons (Schenck 134).

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In conclusion, I am interested in prison education because of my urge to see the power of education in the transformation. My position towards prison education is that this education is significant as it transforms most prisoners to better individuals. I hold this view because I believe that prisoners are also human beings and should be given the chance to change gradually. My claim on prison education is that it should be promoted in all prisons. All prisoners willing to learn must be given the opportunity because this would facilitate their road to change.

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