The Rosemont Behavioral Health Center

Rosemont center has been in operation for a very long time. The facility’s management has changed severally but this has not affected its service delivery to the people who need their services. Rosemont serves both the young and the elderly. With unconditional acceptance this facility provides treatment, education, counseling and needed hope to help individuals become productive and important members of a community (Swayne,Duncan, Ginter, 2009). This center is dedicated in fostering growth of families via a range of mental health and treatment on an individual level. To come this far the Rosemont Behavioral Health Center has had a competitive advantage over other similar facilities.

Rosemont has a number of strengths which enable a smooth running of its operations and which too leaves it a health facility on the map. This facility has been a health facility of reference by many individuals and professional health personalities as well. The strengths possessed by Rosemont include, the popularity and respect commanded by its medical director. This makes each and everyone want to be associated with such a person hence the health facility. Rosemont works in collaboration with private and independent physician who always refer their patients to the facility. This cooperation and partnership acts to the advantage of Rosemont over the other health facilities within and without. Rosemont management keeps physicians well updated on the health conditions of their patients. This is advantageous as it enables them to plan and avail themselves to the patients when necessary (Swayne,Duncan, Ginter, 2009). It is unlike other health facilities where the health officers are kept in the dark on the progress of their patients and they are just called on emergency. Too the patients do not have to wait for a long period of time in waiting for the physician. They are always available whenever needed. The buffet of different services offered by Rosemont has an advantage edge over others. A patient is able to get an array of medical therapeutic services in one station or under one roof. Programs offered by Rosemont are tailored in a way to meet the health needs of its client base.

Success comes forth with weakness. Rosemont goes through hurdles in its normal operations and service delivery. With the bulging number of patients, the facility is faced with resource limitation to fully service the needs of the visiting patients. Financial information is mostly not revealed to the whole staff hence speculations within. Staffs tend to have low morale due to low remunerations. This affects service delivery and individual input (Holman, 2004).

As to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses stipulated, several factors have to be considered. The evaluation criteria will assess the credibility of the issues, available responses, relationship of the activities and the responses. Then the consistency of the issues will be evaluated. There are various strategic thinking maps that the management will have to consider in making decisions on how to capitalize on the facility’s strength and how to curl the weakness (Holman, 2004). Circle maps will enable the management to focus on its key strengths first before noting others. Bubble map and double bubble maps will be involve management in comparing and contrasting strengths and weakness of the facility. Sequential strategic thinking maps will involve tree map, brace map, multi-flow map and bridge map. This will give the right directions and steps that will be followed by the management as they will assist in fine tuning their decisions.



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