Life Mentoring Program

Mentoring program is a process outlined by one person to another aimed to make significant transitions in knowledge, work and thinking (Anderson & Anderson, 2005). A mentor is someone whom another person looks up to for guidance and advice which helps in making important  decisions. The process that enables this important relationship between the mentee and the mentor and also incorporates aspects of coaching is referred to as coaching or mentoring program. There  are different personnel involved in an efficient coaching or mentoring program as identified below together with the description of their jobs.

Executive Director

The executive director will manage the administration of the program in accordance to the vision and goals of the organization.  The Executive Director needs to be experienced and capable of administrating personnel management skills. He will oversee the finances and budgets for each term. He will handle fundraising, manage and enhance workplace campaigns, provide staff and Board leadership. The Executive Director will also communicate effectively to the volunteers and the staff, even as he collaborates with the Board of Directors in his work. It will also be paramount that the executive director be responsible of directing mentoring operations services. In this accord, he or she will implement and manage the program’s operations as per the established best practices in the program.

Moreover, the operations of training and screening of volunteers, interviewing and screening personnel for the various posts, Community service and youth programs in the set program fall under the mandate of this position. Therefore, the executive is expected to maintain a high level of excellence in coaching and mentoring services to the mentees. He or she will also coordinate and facilitate the Mentoring Services staff. 

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