A Honey Copse Near the Lake

A High Mood in a Honey Copse

When you manage to carve out a weekend to visit an old, but precious countryside family house somewhere far from the city, feelings of joy and tenderness gradually overwhelm the soul and mind making you plunge back into a happy and carefree childhood. It was a golden time without any restrictions, limitations, or responsibilities, just freedom, joy, and everlasting summer holidays. Everybody called the house a honey copse near the lake, because it was located in the middle of a luxurious green garden full of the most beautiful pink roses that spread an astonishing sweet smell attracting the bees from the whole neighborhood. A boundless harmony existed everywhere; the bees used to buzz hypnotically “robbing” the flowers to produce the sweetest honey on the Earth; kids’ voices sounded loudly, and everything joined in a perfect unity. Parents and neighbors enjoyed sitting on a bench near a very high lime breathing a miraculous fragrance of a native tree that created a mysterious shadow to protect the inhabitants of the house from the scorching sun that tried to reach every nook of the garden. A large lime became an integral part of all humans who lived in the house during that period, and it seemed like God’s living creature that tried to take care of others who were so dear to it. Undoubtedly, the lime adored the kind owners of the house, and used to observe them and enjoy their company every summer. It was unforgettable. That unique tree always pleased to boast its power to the sun that passionately desired to become one more family member that deserved human attention and love. Countless colorful butterflies added the last stroke to the dream painting of life; they were flying in the shadow of the lime attempting to carry away the fragrant air causing an irresistible desire to become one of those small butterflies and touch the sky, take a small sip of the raindrops, and live forever.

A Sad Mood in a Honey Copse

A honey copse near the lake had two faces and looked like an old man during a rainy weather evoking sadness and even disappointment when there was nothing left but to stand next to the window observing how grey clouds were darkening and huge, sad drops of the rain beating the glass like a drum. As the house was located near a small lake, one could see how the water began to resemble a greedy animal with an insatiable thirst changing its light color into darkness. The wind relentlessly swayed two gloomy birches that resembled two beasts hating each other to death and breaking their thick branches. The sun disappeared, and the bees flew away leaving miserable roses suffering from heavy drops. The rain tried to destroy everything gloating that all living creatures could not bear its mightiness and were ready to refuse to live despite the recent harmony. However, only the lime was making great efforts in an attempt to protect poor roses that almost lost their petals and leaves feeling sympathy with the garden’s inhabitants. On the other hand, the house was so huge that seemed empty and even fearful; the dark corners of the rooms had their secrets making one stay near the window for hours being not able to save the nature from a ruthless attack of the rain and wind. Nobody could predict for how long the destruction would master over people and nature. With time, children began to sob more and more, because the ghosts seemed to appear everywhere, and silence stroke fear making kids shiver with dreadfulness. Sooth to say, nobody liked the house anymore dreaming to come back home as soon as possible.

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