Tarantino had to be extremely careful in directing this film and making sure the importance of the design came out, otherwise inconsistency in the story flow was highly likely to dominate his work.

Pulp fiction is a closed frame developed movie. Tarantino and his co-director create the world, and as far as the movie goes, this is the only world that exists. The events in the movie define the world.(Tarantino 1995)

The machine guns and the mask in the movie depict a society that experiences crime on a daily basis. The Jules (Samuel L Jackson) hairdo portrays hooliganism where violence rules the city. Their appearances tells the story before it even begins. Guns and speedy car shows criminals and disorderly. Some analyst argues that Jules hairdo is meant to bring out the humour in the movie.

The frame chooses one slide and employ what remains of it by constructing an impression of the outside-screen. The spaces without-screen are integrated to media presentation, making and improving the meaning and fine-tuning the shortcomings of the frame to get a positive edge. Off-screen comprises six pieces: behind the camera, beyond it, beyond the four frames and behind it.

Movement from one frame to another is the producers’ way of focussing the audience attention to one part of the screen. This movement eludes the viewers’ sight that immovable objects can move. This happens when the frame continues in a sequence. (Tasker 2002)



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