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Obese Children

Highlighting recent events that have attracted public interest and basing them as a means of creating a clear background on the topic for the audience. Then mentioning its importance and set rolling an urge to see what unfolds. In review of the recent debate, obesity reveals itself as a matter of larger importance and condensing it into a debate of custody rights will be an exercise in futility as appertains to solving the pandemic mystery.


        I.            Highlight of the topic

  1. Custody and the public
  2. Public knowledge on the matter
    1. Recent controversy that sparked the debate
    2. Reasons that make it an issue of public concern
  3. Gravity and importance of the obese issue
    1. Statistics on numbers affected
    2.  Medical classification of obese cases

     II.            Sides to the controversial debate

A       Proponents of lose of custody.

  1. Argument on parents irresponsibility
  2. Invoking legal clause on child abuse
  3. Acting on the child’s best interest

B       Opponents of lose of custody

  1. Ethical perspective on separating the child from the parent
  2. Arguments of causes beyond parental control
  3. Lack of legal provision



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   III.            All dimensions to the debate

  1. Impacts of the matter
    1. Effects on the social fabric and values
    2. Psychological impact on the child
    3. Detriment to the family unit

B       Policy considerations

  1. Expert opinions
  2. Focus beyond the family
  3. Government and other stakeholders’ responsibility

  IV.            CONCLUSION

In concluding, defending my position will be by arguing out the cost-benefit and causal-effect analysis. This will exonerate parents altogether based on facts.

Thesis reworded

Parents should never lose custody of their obese children.

Concluding statement

When we consider the cost benefit analysis of this case, the conclusion is that parents should keep custody of their obese children. However, the conclusion is not entirely based on the question of guiltiness or innocence of parents in managing their children; it will cast a wider net into areas likely to pass unnoticed if we allow the blame debate to consume us. Such will include policies holding a nation accountable to its health choices.



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