Communication Issues Analysis

How can personal networking help you achieve this task?

As leader, I have discovered that developing personal networks will enable me to achieve the expectations of the organization in the task ahead. Deft personal networking will enable me to tap the technical expertise from experienced persons when any aspect of this project exceeds my capacity, or that of colleagues and team members. Knowing whom to contact when I am faced with a business or a project challenge is like having a consultant who is ready to assist. As a manager, I understand that the success of this task is dependent on how quickly I can get correct answers from my personal network.  

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What specific barriers to communication may occur in your project and how might you mange to overcome them?

Considering that I am leading a global cross-functional team, there are several barriers to communication that I, as well as other team members, can encounter. The major communication barrier is language. Language will be a major communication barrier in this team when different accents, languages, vocabulary, and dialects make it impossible for team member to find a common ground during communication (Roembke, 2000). I will manage to overcome these barriers by encouraging respect for each team, member’s background by developing effective communication boundaries that each member understands.

How can horizontal communication help you lead this team?

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As a team leader, I am aware of the importance of having a unified direction and vision when communicating. In this regard, horizontal communication is the way to go, because it allows functional units and department within my team to communicate as if they are on the same hierarchical level (Congden et al., 2011). This gives every member to get accurate feedback within the group and hence implement change effectively. For me, as the leader, the communication approach will ensure that I get full control of the group as well as maintain a level of common purpose.

How might culture affect communication on this team?

According to Congden et al (2011), one of the major barriers to effective communication culminates is from the misunderstanding of other people’s backgrounds. I am sure that some people in my team may not want to say something to co-workers because they may not be aware of the cultural barrier that may, or may not, exists between them. Culture affects communication when taboo topics of conversation, social or political issues, biases in spiritual make it difficult for team members to establish a common ground when communicating.

What specific communication methods would you use to keep the team members and management informed on the project, due dates and launch activities?

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Face-to-face communication, email, phone conversations and hand written documents are some of the methods that I will use to keep everyone informed of the project and related activities. Face-to-face communication will ensure that the intended message is communicated promptly and feedback is immediate. Email and hand written documents will ensure that I communicate effectively with team members from different culture. The telephone also will be used for communication due to its prompt message delivery and immediate response.

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