Should drivers of automobiles be prohibited from using cellular phones?

Using Cellular Phones While Driving is an issue that has been of some apprehension to the telecommunication industry in current years. Usage of cellular phone while operating a motor vehicle has been issue of focus and of much debate among consumer, industry and government stakeholders. Most consumer stakeholders, such as the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, concur that cell phone use while driving is an unsafe and dangerous disruption (Kitamura,45).

The use of cellular phone has been on use since the means of communication it has served very effectively. Communication has been enabled everywhere. it has modified sending and receiving of messages right away without any problems whether at home ,in the office and even when driving. People’s lives have been made complicated at the same time easy with the use of cellular phones. Waste of time has been reduced with its use in many ways .In case of emergencies such as breakdown of a car in the middle of a highway or problems such as flat tires, or in case of an emergency it has become so useful and has got many other benefits.  Despite all these cell phone has many other disadvantages come to think of its use when driving and its influences to the drivers who use them.

The use of cellular phones by automobile drivers has been a big concern for policy makers and it is high time that it should be prohibited despite it numerous benefits such as it save time in case of an emergency on the road. To keep ourselves safe on the road at all times, driving calls for a lot of concentration. Many people nowadays have licenses of which is of no use because they are not able to drive in a way that is responsible. Although there are many other factors that are contributing to accidents on the roads such as eating when driving, drinking alcohol, applying makeup’s and talking to passengers among others, the use of cellular phones have contributed to many people dying every year in road accidents. Careless driving has ensued to the enormous majority of accidents (Welch,325).

When drivers use cellular phones for example when receiving calls, dialing numbers, or holding conversations when driving ,their concentration is more on the conversation than on driving , and this makes them not to have enough time to react in case of an emergency, or he/she will not concentrate on the road signs such as pedestrians crossing. These will make them cause accidents. Moreover he/she will not also concentrate on the traffic lights making them to cause more accidents. The younger generations specifically need to be educated on the use of cellular phones because it is them that cause many accidents on the road, due to the use of cellular phones. Although many of them would not go for the education of the use of cellular phones the best way to deal away with this is to burn its use on the roads.

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The use of cell phones has destructed many from sight on the path in major highways. a shiny metallic body in your cell phone can easily attract you, it has been proven by many researcher s that use of cell phones while driving is more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol (Post,156) .when a phone rings in your car when driving you will take time to reach it, in the period in-between, you are searching for it this can make one drove off path and try to hit another car. That’s why it is vital for its use to be prohibited.

A study of 699 Canadian drivers with cell phones establish that "the risk of a collision when using a cellular telephone was four times higher than the risk when a cellular telephone was not being used"(Post,156). The federal government and individual states must guard citizens by ordaining legislation that limits, if not completely illegalizes the use of cell phones by motorists and when operating their vehicles. As fields have confirmed that cell phones cause accidents, a driver should be capable to choose whether or not to use a cell phone while driving. Efforts to legally forbid this impinge on the private rights of motorists.

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In an investigation conducted by farmers insurance group, 87% of those polled said that cell phone affect the drivers ability this is because of one cannot keep his/her sight in two different places (Fullick,158). It can either be on the road or entering or searching numbers on the contact list or calling or even texting and this can cause an accident. That’s why automobile drivers should be prohibited from using cellular phones.

One can easily loose his/her thoughtfulness when he/she is text messaging. When text messaging ones eyes is needs to focus on the cell phone more than on the road. And with driving one cannot afford to do that. It not only affects your sight but it also affects one mentally. Despite that usage of cell phones by talking to another party can cause one to be affected in the mind negatively at the same time positively. It can make one loose his/her mind because of the news you have got from the other party. Moreover communication on the cell phone can give you some shocking news that one may not be able to handle when accelerating your vehicle, and this may lead to an accident that one dint do it intentionally.

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The most disadvantage of using a cell phone while working with a vehicle is death. More than 2,600 deaths take place every year as a consequence of cell phone usage of some kind (Maslen,45). Drivers should not able to use their cell phones while driving for the reason that the use of cell phone is hazardous for the driver as well as others who are travelling on the same road. It’s also a major obliteration to the drivers since the drivers’ eyes and concentration needs to be alert on the road. Cell phones should not be used specifically because it endangers one’s life and well being. Because of the busy lifestyles we have today, multi tasking is necessary, but coming to think of the serious injuries, and losses confirm that usage of cell phones can seriously obstruct and end a driver’s life and those around them(Welch,325). When the drivers abide by the laws, and take careful consideration of the surroundings it will decrease the rate of getting into an accident and that’s why usage of cell phones while driving should be all law that ought to be obligatory.

While the area of the law is still not clear about when driver's should and should not use their phones, a lot of research has established that utilizing a cell phone while driving bottles up drivers and can badly influence other drivers and passengers. If a driver has to make a call, the best thing to do is to pull of the vehicle and stop then he/she can continue with his/her business.


To conclude, it is vital that every person be aware the perils that communicating on the phone has, in adding up to all of the extra elements noted above. This matter has to be taken seriously by everybody. Because if they have to put their lives at jeopardy it reckons on them, the dilemma here is that others could be in peril, for the reason that of their carelessness. On the other side, because of the use of phones.

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