Domestic Violence

When one partner in a relationship or a marriage feels the need to dominate the other partner; the most likely result is domestic violence. There are a number of factors which may prompt one partner in a relationship to desire to control the other. According to goldsmith (2010), these factors are direct causes of domestic violence. Extreme jealousy, low self esteem, difficulties in regulating anger, socioeconomic factors and poor communication between partners are some of the possible causes of domestic violence. In male dominated societies, male partners may always want to be "bosses" sometimes denying their partners a chance to air their views.

Most of the time the woman in a relationship may feel over dominated and in an attempt to gain control; domestic violence may break up. Lack of communication in homes can also be blamed for most cases of domestic violence. Constant communication allows partners to share ideas and calmly resolve their differences. Lack of it leads to one partner making erroneous decisions that the other may not agree to. Bogat (2010) notes that proper communication allows a couple to make sound decisions acceptable by all especially on sensitive matters such as; use of finances.

Domestic violence comes at a cost. Victims of this form of violence suffer physical, psychological and social damage that sometimes may be difficult to repair. Some of the physical effects that victims suffer include, but are not limited to, lesions and cuts, pelvic and back pain, broken ribs, pregnancy complications (in women) and gastrointestinal disorders (Summers, 2008). Victims who suffer from the listed physical effects also suffer from emotional abuse. Whether abuse is physical or emotional notwithstanding, victims suffer psychological consequences which may present themselves in the form of sadism, suicidal behavior, insomnia and trauma (Summers, 2008). Domestic violence victims also suffer other effects which Summmers (2008) has classified as social effects. The author notes that victims and culprits are likely to have a restrained relationship with other members of the society and this is likely to lead to isolation.

Everything that has a cause must have an effect. Domestic violence is mainly caused by the desire of one partner in a relationship to dominate over the other. This partner may be driven by such factors as low self esteem and extreme jealousy. Lack of communication between partners may also be blamed as a major cause of domestic violence. Victims of this form of violence suffer physical, emotional and social effects that negatively affect their daily lives.



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