All people regardless of age, gender, sex, social or economic statuses have rights to socialize and co-exist amicably with others in the environments in which they live. However, some individuals have overlooked this assertion and engage in antisocial and immoral activities such as bullying especially of young people or teens. This can be done either face to face or even through the internet; the minors are abused socially, morally, emotionally or psychologically. The worse facet of it all is when they are physically injured which usually impacts negatively on their relationships with other people (Leonard 5). This paper will give the correlation between bullying among the teens and its consequential effect of making the victims attempt/ commit suicide. An analysis of the strategies that can be adopted so as to evade such tormenting effects will also be highlighted.

Bullying is a hot topic of discussion among many social rights activists as it is noted to have severe long term effects on the victims. Teens who are bullied succumb to emotional damage; this makes them to be stressed. The eventual effect can be abuse of alcohol and drugs, smoking or even committing of suicide (Philips 6). This is as result of the demoralization that they are exposed to by the bullies. Highly active teens are the main target of the bullies; this makes them to withdraw into themselves and therefore find difficulties in speaking out their minds. As this introversion continues, the victim becomes helpless and hopeless due to depression. The eventual effect can be suicide as the teens may feel that the only solution to their helplessness and despondency is to take away their lives.

There is need to enhance amicable relationships between people so as to do away with the effects of bullying. This can be endorsed through facilitation of rules which delineates bullying as a social abuse. Individuals found abusing others ought to be punished or even expelled from the institutions such as schools so that others can stop the evil act. Teaching of empathy and personal social responsibilities towards each other ought to be taught among the students or teens in general so that they can avoid bullying those who are younger. With the adoption of such strategies, it is plain that the rates of suicide, depression and introversion will be reduced. Teens will be in a position to socialize well with others and enhance peace and unity amongst themselves (Philips 7).

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