The Home for Little Wanderers

The Little Home for Little Wanderers is a charity organization that offers child and family support. The organization, the largest of its own in New England, is situated in Boston. The mission of this charity organization is to promote healthy social, mental, and emotional developments of children together with those of their families and surrounding communities at large. The home runs a number of programs that aim at providing prevention and intervention service to the vulnerable children and families.

The organization creates nurturing, loving, supportive and safe environments where the children and families on program can effectively use all the variety of specialized services provided by the organization to meet their needs. Thirdly, The Home for Little Wanderers is committed to building capacity of the communities to adequately address social problems and other issues touching on their lives.

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The organization has greatly improved the lives of children and destitute families across the United Kingdom.  According to the British Board of Charity Organizations and other government agencies, the organization is very instrumental in the eradicating poverty and other social problems in the country. The Home for Little Wanders opens its doors to all destitute members as well as caregivers within the Briton society regardless of their race, religion, and cultural background.

Northumbria Police

The Northumbria Police patrols the entire areas of Wear, Tyne and Northumberland in the North Eastern regions of New England. The headquarters of the Northumbria Police is located in Ponteland, Northumberland.  The force is fully staffed with well trained police officers who specialize in general policing, patrols, specialized search, and life and property protection. It is the largest police force in the Ponteland, Northumberland.

The police force has increased its efficiency towards meeting its policing obligation in the wider area of its jurisdiction. It has recruited sufficient number of police officers to do adequate patrols throughout the area of their operations. All the units have all the required facilities such as wired and remote radio services to boost communication among the officers while in the field and office. This increases the level of coordinating various operations by the officers away from the office. The police force has a specialized team of detectives that have the capacity to investigate various categories of crime across Boston.

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In this manner, the Northumbria is capable of guaranteeing security to all members of the society. The police force has also protected business and private property against possible burglary or theft. Finally, Northumbria has managed to reduce the incidences of general public crime, burglary, and murder cases by a larger margin more than ever in the once insecure Ponteland, Northumberland.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer is the largest British retailer based in Westminster City, London. The retailer firm operates about eight hundred stores in the United Kingdom and additional four hundred spread across the world. The firm exclusively sells clothing and other luxury products such as watched and jewelry. The retailer firm is remarkably vibrant in rolling various programs as stipulated in its Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR) policy. The retailer has attained its organizational responsibilities through its CSR policy in a number of ways as discussed in the subsequent sections.

The firm is known to support many charity organizations such as Oxfam, UK Child Care and several children or orphans’ homes. The contributions it channels to these beneficiaries are either material or monetary. It is a common observation that clothing and beddings in many children centers and homes were donated by Marks and Spencer (M&S). In some cases, however, M&S also finance health programs, free home keeping and educational programs, and provision of public utilities for instance bus stands and sports facilities in the public place around their stores and retail outlets. In many schools, M&S funds many educational programs throughout Britain as a sure means to ensure the children get quality education notwithstanding insufficient funding educational centers receive from the government.

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Through various programs of the M&S, it is most apparent that the British number one retailer identify with the needy in the society, provides better living conditions, education, quality healthcare, and food to all. In general, M&S is sensitive to the human needs across the world.

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