Performance Objectives of Operations in Business School

According to the defining criterion for the establishment of performance oriented goals in the business school environment it is important to note that the key goal is to set a bench mark from which education assessment goals for business school can be easily accomplished focusing upon the integration of learning and community values. “The basic aim of the quality process is the delivery of ever-increasing value to students and the community” (Arcaro 22).

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Assessment Feedback

There is need to set continuous assessment program for students through establishment of an examination criteria that is implemented at periodic intervals after covering key topic in the business school curriculum. “Measures of progress provide a results-oriented basis for documenting, assessing, and channelling actions” (Arcaro 22). This is important in keeping track of learning objectives in learning with the progressive teaching experience and output.

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There is need to implement a concrete strategy for enabling continuous tutor support by looking at the wider perspective of tutor needs. This can elementally be achieved through implementation of a needs assessment program in which students participate equally as teachers in identification of the critical teacher elements missing in the existing program.

Teaching and Learning Activities

There is need for assessment of the level of appropriateness of the quality of teaching with regard to meeting learner objectives (Natale and Fenton 321). This are critical especially in carrying out goal-oriented monitoring and evaluation process focusing on the respective learning and teaching activities.

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Organization Management

Business school managers need to keep track of the utilisation of critical resources, which include school equipment by evaluating the efficacy in meeting learners’ needs. This usually includes a consistent supply of the required learning materials according to the desired learning deliverables specified in the initial learning goals.

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