Contingency Plan


Contingency plans are a necessary tool in the management of risks occurring in the work place or organisation.


This plan is meant to provide necessary steps and measures needed to cater against risks occurring in a company selling dried dates in France, which are imported from Kuwait.

Scope ans System Description

The plan covers operations of the chain of activities which entail all operations beginning from the source point of the dried dates in Kuwait, their subsequent transportation, delivery to France, storage, handling, and selling stages. The store has several departments, which include: transport department, finance department, point of sale department, and safety department. The number of employees vary in each department and range between 2 – 8 individuals. The departments are located within a single site but has other store locations (for storage). The facility has 2 main transport vehicles.


The nature of this business is prone to mainly motor accident and fire incident at the main stores or other departmental levels.

Contingency Plan

Response Phase

By nature of the activities involved in imported dried dates various risks are bound to occur during unpacking and repacking operations. Accidents can occur during thse operations in the form falls from heavy date loads and transport vehicle accident. After such an incident has occurred, it would be necessary to conduct an assessment of resulting personnel injuries, dried dates damaged, service continuity and the selling operations at the point of sale. Incase it was a fire incident signalled by fire alarm all personnel will be evacuated and access will only be allowed once safety is guaranteed. Once the incident has been attended to, focusing on the affected operations, activites shall resume after choosing an alternate site after confirmation of the affected individual’s health status (Melanie & Bernard 2006, p.45).                      

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Resumption Phase

The status of the affected personnel in an incident shall be forwaded to the store manager’s office. Here an assessment will be conducted on the affected personnel in order to ascertain their relative stability to resume work. Those individuals who are not in a position to resume work shall be given a recovery period going by the health officer’s recommendation or report while those who are in a position to resume working will be carry out their operations fronm the new site identified. During this process a support team will be formulated consisting of the store safety officer, store security officer, the affected store site or department manager , and three support team members coming from each relevant department (Melanie & Bernard 2006, p.45). The role of the support team will be to provide provisional report and recommendations to the store senior management informing of the incident and respective steps that need to be taken.  The senior management team will then carry out a site seeing session on the incident then give then include their deliberations on the subject. It is then the role of the senior management team to draft effective communication mechanisms through which all employees, business partners and prospective clients of the dried dates shall be informed of the incident and assurre then of service continuity and steps the store management has taken to restore operations.

Recovery Phase

The affected department shall be transferred to prefarable alternate site within the company premises or other site identified. If this involved an accident during transportation of dried dates then the management should consider hiring transport vehicle replacement or get a replacement using the insurance coverage of the vehicle. The creation of a new store shall be done using funds derived from insurance service covering the buildings and the destroyed dried dates. These activities shall be carried out in a corrdinated manner that ensures involvement of all relevant departmental managers and employees. The changes suggested in the operations shall be communicated to all employees and the source company in Kuwait where the dried dates are imported from. This shall also involve the inclusion of suggested technological improvements which may significantly impact upon the operations (Melanie & Bernard 2006, p.47). In order to ensure that the recovery operations are carried out successfully there is need to implement drastic communication changes that will ensure all the deliberations reach all stakeholders (Kuwait partner/supplier, employees, and local France business partners).

Restoration Phase

This will involve the creation of human resource fundamentals, enabling physical environment and financial resource fundamentals in order to restore the previous status quo. The employees capable of resuming from the previous setting shall be used and incase of replacements due consideration shall be given the work load fundamentals. If the manager is absent, then this role shall be relegated to his or her deputy or any other capable employee from the department in order to coordinate store operations (Melanie & Bernard 2006, p.46). During this process a communication system shall be established in order to inform members of the supply chain in Kuwait, employees in other departments, local France business partners, and estemeed customers of the restoration of normal busines activities.         

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The plan relies upon the following assumptions:

  • Only a few employees were affected
  • Only a single department was involved, for instance, the transport department
  • The premises, tranport vehicles and other property are under comprehensice insurance coverage.

Plan Management

This plan shall be in the custody of the senior management team and departmental managers. The plans contents shall also be disseminated to other employees during periodic training sessions.

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