Nissan Altima Evaluation

Nissan Motor Corporation is one of the famous car manufacturers. The company is ranked eighth in the world list of the best automakers. In 2009, the company released the fourth generation of Nissan Altima. It is the first vehicle with D platform. In summer 2012, the fifth generation went on sale. The production increased with the release of Coupe and Hybrid Models (Green). Over the years, the production of the Nissan Altima made this type of car more sustainable in power, size, car appearance, cost, and reliability.


The body of the car is made in a very accurate form. There is a feeling that the metal on the body is stronger than in other cars. It beautifully shimmers under the sun light while moving on the road. The big plus of the car is that the metal does not allow seeing the dust on it. Altima has a very interesting design, especially its recognizable rear lights. The main light is just great. It provides maximum coverage area without blinding oncoming cars. It has a stand-out front with a new grille. The Altima’s defining feature is a line that goes all the lower sides of the car.  The disadvantage is that the rear-view mirrors do not stack either automatically or manually. They are made with monolith fastening. Thus, the mirrors could be smashed to pieces in the narrow streets. The interior is very comfortable. It has a lot of space both in front and behind. A tall person could easily fit to the back seat when the front seat is pushed back. Locked doors create the complete silence inside the car. The passengers in the car would not even hear the noise of an engine. The car has a comfortable steering wheel and beautiful instrument panel with an amber adjustable backlighting. There are also some nice little things, such as illuminated visor mirrors, two ceiling lights, etc. From the first sight, it seems that the trunk is tiny but you could easily put the bike inside. In general, Nissan Altima has comfortable seats, excellent exterior and interior design. The car has plenty of space in the cabin and in the trunk.    


At the present time, the potential customer should consider this model as a midsize sedan class. The number of sales of this model does not correspond to the performance of its main competitors, such as Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. At the moment, its popularity is growing rapidly, which is reflected both in production and implementation. The secret of the popularity of this car model is that for the same price that the competitors offer, the buyer gets a car with a more powerful engine. The 2013 Nissan Altima is at the fifth position among the most affordable midsize cars. Moreover, this model has the same engine, but it is very economical in terms of the fuel consumption. It is one of the significant improvements of this model.  The process of assembling takes fewer workers and time. It helps to reduce the cost of the car (Lysaght) The average price for Altima in the North America ranges from twenty two to thirty thousand dollars.


In terms of the interior design, the car looks not that confident in comparison with Accord and Camry. However, it seems that developers managed to win the hearts of the drivers, to whom the main thing is the ride quality. A smooth running of the car shows the high reliability of the manufacture process. This process is almost automated. During the process of assembly, the lasers which detect defective parts are enabled. When the defective part is detected, it is removed from the assembly line (Lysaght). Nissan Altima also looks as a reliable car, as it has many electronic and computer sensors. The electronic system is of a high quality. In Altima 2013, there are several safety features. One of the examples is a tire system which will push the car horn when the tires reach the necessary pressure.  All elements of the car do not have major problems and create confident driving time on the road.

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Hence, the Nisan Altima is a good car for the buyer. It is a reliable car with a lower cost than those of the competitors. It has a graceful appearance and will serve the driver faithfully on the road. It is a nice choice for the whole family as well.

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