My Interest in Studying Business

I grew up admiring businessmen and with a fascination for institutions offering business related courses. Institutions that offer business courses have had a good reputation over the others for many years, a good example being the McDonough School of Business. The reason for my admiration was that people in the field of business for a living have so many advantages over the rest in general. It is quite appealing to be one’s boss, a privilege that only comes with venturing in business. I also realized that every other field for earning money depends on the government with its different bottle-necked procedures thus the people employed receive the least share thus a very petty earning. As well, marketing is of great interest to me because I am a person who likes to communicate. I particularly enjoy convincing people to try something new. Therefore, with an interest to venture in the field and having understood its advantage over others, formerly I decided to study business to have a wide knowledge of what it takes to be a successful business person.

Secondly, I realized that many people do venture in the business field, but end up not realizing the gold in it. Most of them end up dropping from it while others continue straining in it with very pathetic incomes and eventually experience losses. Since I had made up my mind to invest in business then I decided to study business to know the reason of the failures of the rest to avoid being a startup failure also. Moreover, I was puzzled by risk and risk management since I know there is no investment without a risk and still people did invest where some invested in the seemingly most risky opportunities. This compelled me to study business so that I can understand why this happens.

In conclusion, I am very grateful to be admitted in the McDonough School of Business to broaden my knowledge in business. It is my pleasure to study at the school where I may improve my understanding of business and business related courses.



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