Corporate overview

Thorr Motorcycle was founded in 1990; it got its name from Thorne Reginald hence its name. Its name reflects the immense quantity of motorcycles that exists and its scope of Mission:  make motorcycle available to all youths in this country. A lot has change since 1990; we have grown and expanded our offerings from a single product to tens of dozens, often in as many makes. We now have hundreds of employees and offices around the country. But some things haven't changed: our dedication to our customers and our belief in the possibilities on the motorcycle industry itself.

We are committed to operating in an environmentally-responsible manner, marketing energy-efficient products, providing solutions to our customers that help them to meet their environmental goals, and inspiring our employees to get involved and take action. We believe in the opportunity for the Motorcycle industry to reducing emissions while disproportionately helping others to reduce theirs.

The main categories that we deal with are

Bmw, Honda Phantom, Victory, Suzuki, Ridley, Benelli, Yamaha, Norton and many more brands, Just name it and we have it, all under one roof. These are new fuel-injected product.

Uniqueness of our Motorcycle

The quantity of motorcycle production is growing, and hence the need for more market and quality products due to many manufacturers. In response to this situation, we have different kinds of equipment inside a motorcycle rider’s equipment bag like the jackets. Over the years this has been used to provide protection and a sense of style for the rider.  We have a wide variety of jackets that are designed to fit our customers and in all weather situations. Like the summer for hot days, the winter jackets used when autumn and winter months roll around which is a lightweight motorcycle jacket when you’re riding, and lastly the racing jacket for the street racing crowd. Therefore selecting the best jacket for you is a study in fashion, in comfort, and in protection while you’re riding your motorcycle in which ever environment.

Marketing problems

When we have a problem it has a way of grabbing our attention and especially me as the marketing manager. I believe in efficiency and that is why any arising issue is dealt with utmost priority.If it’s a big problem I convene a meet and we look for a solution. If no solution is found it becomes a nag that annoys us for it means we are loosing. The hope for a solution to their problem activates the customer’s suppressed attention and just like a magnet they want to draw you in to know more. We successfully compete for attention.

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Another problem includes our purpose, which establishes our vision that provides focus and clarity that we plan to build. As a marketing manager I know that problem is what I solve and is much more welcomed. Promotion is another, its all about spreading the story.  If you have a good story people will want to listen to, if you don’t have an interesting story then it will take much more time, money and effort to become known. That’s why we encourage more on promotion through advertisements.

Another problem is persuading customers that they can buy our product safely because they are the one that fits best. Pricing is a risk we take to purchase for the customer and making sure that we get paid for the value we deliver.  This means that we have both low price and high-value added motorcycles, for different economic and social levels of customers.

Insurance is still a major problem as most of the target group in question can’t afford the high cost of insuring motorcycles. This creates a heavy burden on the company to negotiate and sometime to insure the first insurance of each motorcycle so as to attract more customers.

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Stuff performance is our foundation of credibility for everything we say, write and do.  Performing problem based marketing will prove to be an invaluable tool. 

Customs levied on complete motorcycles is very high. Hindering more motorcycles importation and making the available more expensive.

My role as a marketing manager

My role as a marketing manager is to make market research through customers. This achieved by using available resources. Marketing plan being the core to any business, my role is to create a market strategy plan. I also perform the work of measuring our success, developing guidelines and making customer focused decisions

Quality engineering

Designers and engineers have created a motorcycle that turns Ram Air and fuel-injected engine into the core of a powerful, torque-producing, aerodynamic stunner. Our 2010 models are most powerful ever, and succeed in setting the performance standards. Some engineers and designers sought to combine the greatest elements of today's motorcycle technologies, yet still make available a parcel that is both approachable-and usable. Also with some engine positioned forward in the frame of some models, engineers have carefully select the wheelbase and front or rear wheel weight balance to achieve both high speed stability and responsive handling of the machine..

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Importance of proper market position

First is indentifying target market which is the youth. This is because the larger population group is the youth ranging between 21- 30 years of age. This means planning for promotional strategies. Marketing position helps us think what sets us from our competitors, comparing our prices, conveniences, service levels and company size. It also helps us identify our target users and be able to appeal directly to them.

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