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Administrative Assistant: administrative assistants are employed in hospitals, corporate offices, schools, legal offices and in government agencies and are expected to work on a full time basis (40 hours in a week). Administrative assistant is responsible for providing of both administrative and clerical services to help promote effectiveness and efficiency in operations. An administrative clerk often reports to the senior Administrative Officer and the services he provides should be able to ensure that the municipal operations are always maintained in an efficient and effective manner.

The responsibilities that an administrative assistant is supposed to deliver on include providing service that the department or the manager for example doing general clerical work, receptionist work, project based work like projecting the professional company image through phone and in-person interactions. Other duties of an administrative assistant are: maintaining hardcopy and electrical system of filing, setting up and coordination of meetings and conferences, maintaining and distributing of weekly schedules, collecting and maintaining of PC inventory, support staff in project based work, coordinating and maintaining staff records, purchase of office supplies, answering and transferring of phone calls, creating and modifying documents and finally meeting and greeting of visitors and clients.

An administrative assistant must posses a proficient knowledge in office administration and book keeping, knowledge of the council as well as the committee's systems and ability to maintain a high level of accuracy and confidentiality.

The incumbent must demonstrate excellence in interpersonal skills, team building, communication skills, computer skills, analytical and problem solving skills, time management skills, organizational skills and stress management skills. Personal attributes tahat an administrative assistant should posses include: honesty and trustworthy, respectful, culturally aware and sensitive, flexible and able to demonstrate sound work ethics.


To: Jeff Newcomb, Principal of Red Widget Recruiters.

From: ....., Hiring Manager of Red Widget Recruiters.


Subject: I am requesting for your assistance in the process of filling of an Administrative Assistant.

Basic qualifications for the position

Should be a holder of high school diploma or equivalent.

Should posse knowledge on computer application, book keeping and office ethics.

Have a typing speed of 50 words per minute.

Must have excellent communication, decision making and team building skill.

Ideal candidate for the position should be:

Should have a working experience in similar position

Be knowledgeable and have the basic qualifications for the job,

Poses personal attribute of honest, trust worthy, respect full, flexible and be able to operate under minimum supervision.

The administrative assistant will be expected to: provide administrative support, provide the council with resources fro decision making and to perform some receptionist's duties among other duties as assigned by the management from time to time.

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The position of the administrative assistant has been vacant for sometime since the termination of the job of the previous employee due to disciplinary action b the council. The position need to be filled as soon as possible as the efficiency of delivering of the company's operations has been compromised by the vacant position of administrative assistant.

I would like you as the recruiter to confirm the request on permission to go ahead to and process for quick recruitment of the candidate for the position to ensure that the company is efficient in its services delivery.

The employee in the stated position will be in charge of the reception, provide administrative support to council and the staff and finally be able to deliver on other duties as may be assigned from time to time.



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