Business Memo (The Army Crew Team)

The key issue is the failure of the Varsity (V) team to perform according to the expectations despite having the best eight rowers, and the cause of the poor performance in the Varsity (V) is the decline in the rowing speed. It is highly recommended that the Coach P take the Junior Varsity (JV) team to the competition instead of taking the underperforming Varsity (V) team. The replacement of the Varsity (V) team with the Junior Varsity (JV) would help address the issue, as it would pose an enormous challenge to the Varsity (V) team enabling its members to wake up and utilize their maximum potential to qualify in order to represent the academy.


The key problem is that the Varsity (V) team, despite being composed of the best eight rowers, has lost its entire competitions against the Junior Varsity (JV) team that is composed of the bottom eight rowers. This is a disaster, because the Varsity team is expected to represent the United States Military Academy in the National championship competition. I write this memo to advice Captain Preczewski on the best option to embrace in dealing with the poor performance of the Varsity team despite having the best players in team. I highly recommend that the Junior Varsity team should be selected to represent the academy in the forthcoming competition instead of relying on the Varsity team that is performing below the expectations. This action should be authorized, because it would be a motivation to the Junior Varsity team to perform even better at the competition and would pose a challenge to the underperforming Varsity team to wake up and perform as expected from them. The rationale for this action is meritocratic selection of the actual contestants in the upcoming National competition. The probable effect of this action is that it would enable the academy to perform better, because of the reliance on a team that has remained consistent in practice and other competitions instead of relying on an unpredictable team. The selection of the Junior Varsity crew would lead to the accomplishment of better performance at the upcoming National competition. The key advantage of this decision is that the best team would be taken to represent the academy at the National competition while the key disadvantage for this action is that this team could be a flop at the competition since it is composed of the bottom eight players who may not match the quality of other teams.

The 200 variables related to sweep rowing could be broken down into four significant categories of issues including the technique of rowing, the organization of the programme, strength and conditioning, and psychological dimensions. One of the key distinctions revealed by the breakdown is that both novice and intermediate coaches seem to rate a wide range of variables i.e. more than 100 variables while master coaches concentrate on a smaller set of variables i.e. 11 to 20 variables. Additionally, novice coaches concentrate on technique, intermediate coaches focus on conditioning whereas master coaches reiterate psychological variables as the most significant ones in achieving success.

Teamwork, individual strength and strength, as well as endurance are the two significant factors that differentiate the best crew teams. This implies that the teams should be able to work together with a common goal and each individual should be resilient enough to contribute to the success of the entire team. These factors contribute to trust, because of the feeling that each member is dedicated to contributing toward the team and the rowing of the boat toward success. Therefore, trust is important, because it facilitates the level of cooperation and coordination among members as they rower toward success. Trust ensures that the team operates as a single unit as it moves toward success in any given competition.

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The matrix created by Coach P revealed that individual members of the Varsity team had the best conditioning and technical skill compared to their Junior Varsity team counterparts. Additionally, the results revealed that none of the members of the Varsity team could be categorized as a leader while many other individuals could be categorized as team disrupters. Notably, no one in the Junior Varsity team could be categorized as a team disrupter, because all the members worked together effectively as a team. These findings can be effectively informed by Professor Eimicke’s recipe for team success that emphasis unity and initiative from each of the team member in contributing toward the success of the entire team.

When Coach P decided to switch some boat rowers, the Varsity team realized the worst performance in the season during its practice sessions. The demotion of some Varsity members to the Junior Varsity team improved the overall performance of the JV team significantly compared to the previous performances. Thus, the switch of boat rowers was more advantageous to the Junior Varsity team and disadvantaged the Varsity team whose performance got worse with time. This outcome reveals that the members of the Junior Varsity team were always willing to collaborate and work as a team without pointing fingers while the Varsity team did not work as a team. Again, it reveals the dynamics that individuals were not interested in moving to the Varsity Team and wanted to remain in the Junior Varsity team, which realized more success.

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One of the options is to move some of the committed members of the Varsity team to the Junior Varsity team. Coach P should select some individuals from the Varsity team and combine them with the members of the Junior Varsity team who were all committed to winning. This option is advantageous, because it would bring technical skills and rowing speed to the Junior Varsity team hence enabling it to be more powerful and competitive. This option is disadvantageous as it could also bring about the case of team disruptors in the Junior Varsity team hence negating excellent performance.

Another option would be to introduce strict rules and regulations to govern the Varsity team and ensure all members’ work together. This will also include advice and negotiations that would ensure that these individuals realize the importance of working together. This option is advantageous, because it would help Coach P in holding the best team together by changing the attitudes of members. However, it is disadvantageous, because it could negate relations among these members further affecting the performance of the team.

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The implementation of the choosing of the Junior Varsity team to represent the academy would start with persistent training of these individuals to improve their technical skills. It is noted that most members in the Junior Varsity team do not have strong technical skills and Coach P should ensure that they are well trained. The other step would be to improve the team’s power to row. This would boost the expertise of the team and ensure that it is ready to compete against any other team in the National competition. The team should also be given more training sessions that would improve every aspect required for its competition at the National level. The overall result of this would be success for the team at the National competition.  

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